Legends of Wrestlemania - Ps3 Vs 360 demo screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some exclusive screenshots comparing the two versions from Legends of Wrestlemania demo. Check them out.

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Jamegohanssj53999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Eurogamer is one BS website. Either way I don't care PS3 version for me. Seeing as that's the only system I own lmao!

Okay I just checked and it shows that Yukes still doesn't know how to use the PS3 or develop first on it. The 360 version has a small bit of better detail on it. Like look at the lights; they're a lot shinier. Look at the back of Hogans shorts; on the 360 they have the glossy shine, but on the PS3 it's barely noticeable. Also the sweat is more noticeable on the 360. This is the only engine anyhow, so let's see if the new Smackdown will use this so call "new engine"

PS3 > All at the end of the day.


Kain813999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

the retail version will look equal

Look at RE5 the demo version looked better on the 360, but the Retail version looks almost equaly, but PS3 has the edge in some places.

Jamegohanssj53999d ago

I would really hope, so.


Mindboggle3999d ago

Yh this is the first time ive actually said the 360 version is significantly better, unlike all those identical RE5, and COD shots. Seems that they are still just porting 360 games with no work gone into the PS3 version which sucks.....

Either way the game sucks anyway so i wont be buying it. Hope yukes is reading, and they realise that they have messed up their wrestling games ever since Smackdown vs Raw 07, and everyone that has followed have sucked as theyve all been the same.

Seriously i moved on to better fighting games like fight night, which basically embarreses the new Smackdown vs

GVON3999d ago

It didn't look blurry on my TV.

In regards the game,it was a poor game.I can't believe there is still no wrestling has beaten the N64 version of No Mercy.

thenickel3999d ago

That or a water racer that can compete with Wave racer 64 or even a shooter as immersing as golden eye or turok part 1.

Aquanox3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Clearly, better textures, lighting and overall details in the Xbox 360 version.

PS3 version keeps playing with that horrid AA technique.

This has become a constant in multiplatform games.

This is a night and day example:

Mindboggle3999d ago

I agree. Developers are always using the blur effect to substitute AA. Sony really needs to either teach developers how to do it properly or ??? JUST DO SOMETHING......IM FED UP SONY OF BLURRY GAMES, AND GAMES LIKE GT PROLOGUE WHICH ARE RUINED BY JAGGED EDGES !!! We all know its possible to so start doing it....

Jamegohanssj53999d ago

Wait in my opinion Shut Your Mouth is the best wrestling game.


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TheColbertinator3999d ago

360 version looks better.The suits on the 360 version look more shiny.
Sweaty old men in tights HD best played on 360 XD

uncharted563999d ago

ps3 version is definitely taking the hit its gloomy in visuals
while 360 version is more bright, has vibrant colors, is lively and visuals are really poping out
hopefully final build will be same

pwnsause3999d ago

if the PS3 version looks like that, no buy. Seriously Yukes, Im tired of your BullSh!t.

diefor3999d ago

Why? I don't see any difference.

Mogabu3999d ago

Quick! Get to an eye doctor! Can you read this post even, or is it all blur?!

(Seriously, the 360 version looks much sharper and details pop.)

CobraKai3998d ago

It looks more like smackdown vs raw from 2007 rather than a game for 2009. I wonder how the character models will look when you transfer them from SvR 2008.

freeman293999d ago

This game is pure fun :).

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The story is too old to be commented.