1UP: Phantasy Star Portable Review

The truly neat trick that Portable performs is that it is not only an excellent distillation of the Phantasy Star Online/Universe experience, but it makes 1UP want to go back and give Ambition of the Illuminus another shot, even if it's just to reinvestigate that game's offline mode. Any port that makes them consider giving the source material another spin is worth the price of admission any day.

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TheColbertinator4003d ago

Looks like IGN and 1up disagree greatly on Phantasy Star Portable.I enjoyed the demo so I still might get it

Myst4003d ago

I just got the game today and I can tell you that it is pretty fun, being that it's combating with Monster Hunter Freedom 2 at the time it goes to show that it can be addicting. Multiplayer option is fun especially with more people, but great that you can still have the storyline characters go through this process with you as well.

I didn't try the demo, but on the name alone I went out and bought the game. Sank about 2~3 hours in before I needed to tear myself away. The only thing is it feels vastly different from Episodes 1&2 like it was on GC, and I heard it follows events after Universe so I can see that.

Though overall it's a fun game, lots of customization which I love, and ability to have partners in the midst of battles is fun. To me it seems like a cross of the old Phantasy star games (Back in the genesis days) with the real-time battle mixed in it a bit.

rockleex4001d ago

I might get PSP for my PSP. ^_^