BioShock 2 To Have Little Daddies

Negative Gamer writes:

"We had Big Daddys and Little Sisters in BioShock 1. Now we have confirmed Big Sisters, so surely it makes sense that we also have… Little Daddys?

The image to the left is called LittleOne.jpg and can be found (if you look hard enough) on the new BioShock 2 teaser site, If you trace a line with your mouse from the X marked on southern Ireland all the way to New York, approximately half way across a small dot appears (very hard to see unless zoomed). Click on it then trace from here south (towards South America) until another dot appears. This is the weird bit. Apparently you have to have a microphone plugged in and make the noise of a Little Sister. If you do it right you then get a link to this picture."

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Arsenic134001d ago

Seriously? That sounded soo fake.

Head Shot King4001d ago

Big daddy
Big Mama
Biggie smalls
Little Man
Joe little

are we still talking about Bioshock, cause this starting to sound like some Jerry Springer sh!t.

SL1M DADDY4001d ago

That they do not try too hard and end up ruining the game.

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wardrox4001d ago

Really hard to work. BioShock 2 is gonna be awesome.

ihaten4glol4001d ago

That's it, I am officially pumped.

Mindboggle4001d ago

Your pumped because of a little daddy ???? lol

Slinger4204001d ago

This sounds ridiculous!! "Make the noise of a little sister!!!????" WTF is that?

No Way4001d ago

Thas what I be sayin.. What the hell is the noise of a little sister!? o.O

rockleex4000d ago

Slinger420's message reported and taken out? O_o

He didn't say anything offensive, no spam, no trolling, etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.