God Of War Is Ready For Microsoft's Ninja Blade Let The Battle Begin HHGS 3/8/09

* Jeff Rubenstein (Sony) - Guest Stars On Gamers In The Street
* Tekken 6 Superior On PS3
* Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics
* Game Review - Sega Genesis Collection (Must Buy)
* And Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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ThatCanadianGuy4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

"Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics"

Huh,that's strange..Didn't know GT5 was out yet.

Edit: I just called Ebgames..and..*gasp* GT5 isn't out yet.
How could HHG lie to me like this? Oh right..hits..

TheHater4000d ago

He has a crystal ball dude. He can see in the future dude.

topgeareasy4000d ago

"Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Tourismo 5 Graphics"

total BS

Baba19064000d ago

even he doesnt really know what he is saying. he should stop moving that much, lower the music an concentrate on what he really wants to say.

DarK-SilV4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

HHG I have supported you for a long time but to compare GOW 3 to ninja blade
Then you go comparing GT 5 to other games is a complete BS, sorry I think you really crossed the line here
Why the music is so loud, it’s really annoying

decapitator4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I like how he pretend to be this industry guy who actually knows sh!t when in fact he really dont know jack sh!t except for old rehashed news and other bullcrap he pulls out of thing air.

Newsflash: Opinions are like @ssholes, everyone is got them.

no-spin4000d ago

"* Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics"

that is not even a bold statement, just plain delusional

GT5 P is like a big demo, who says they are not going to improve the visuals, and in its 3rd year the 360 has Nothing worthy of comparing with GT5P.

HHG, you are losing your way and now making all propaganda and no news

JokesOnYou4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Seeing that GT5 isn't out yet but GT5 Prologue is; common sense says he's refering to Prologue, also If you actually watched the show, he clearly says a couple times he's talking about a comparison between GT5 Prologue compared to the new Need for Speed= a multiplatform game. It's obvious you guys are looking for every reason you can to hate on HHG, like I've said sure the guy uses the headlines to get attention, but he does a good show, different from all the corporate sites. He wasn't so hated when his headlines were mostly pro-sony, he's still pro-sony imo, but it does give props to both. Its pathetic how closed minded some people are. I think some of you are jealous because he's actually doing what he loves, while you guys are just annonymous arm chair critics behind a keyboard.


green4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Then he should have said "Need for Speed surpasses GT5P".

EDIT:I urge you to go listen to the last warzone podcast.Torrence on the podcast said he really liked Ninja Blade and that it borrowed elements from Devil May Cry and God of War and that was all.Torrence then went on to ask other guys on the podcast if they had played it and none of them had, including Hip hop gamer.So were did this title come from?"God Of War Is Ready For Microsoft's Ninja Blade Let The Battle Begin".

He has not played it,seen it, or interviewed any dev.working on the game, so his opinion is baseless.

morganfell4000d ago

HHG just keeps going farther down the toilet. Ninja Blade against GOW3? That's like shooting ping pong balls at an M1A1 tank.

My only question is, what is a Microsoft check worth these days?

Why o why4000d ago

he's talking about gt5p, either way i've not seen this game nor have i seen it coming. Its a target not a fact.

PtRoLLFacE4000d ago

he said gran turismo 5 prologue lol

SuperM4000d ago

Need for speed shift is 720p and 30fps. GT5 is 1080p 60fps. nice try though.

ZootHornRollo4000d ago

your not to play gt5p with controller. its ment to be played with a wheel. any racing game on the xbox doesnt have a wheel to use. racing games are ment to be played with a wheel not a controller.

JokesOnYou4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Yeah I agree he should have had "GT5P" in the quotes but again I think most of those being over-critical for the error already knew what he was referring to, but yes just for accuracy sake he should check his work for errors prior to submitting it.

As for the headline and as I have already stated like many times before is that he goes too much with sensational headlines, however he does have good content although he doesn't back up some of his claims very well, I mean listening to some of his explanations its clearly flawed on some level, but the point is the guy is just talking and he's very opinionated....his show isn't meant to be taken as fact at least not imo, basicly he's just saying; "I saw", "I heard", or "I played this and this is what I think about it"= NO one should take anything he says as cold hard proof or fact. It's obvious the guy isn't an industry veteran, but give him time to grow, most of all remember what we're talking about= Gaming, this isn't CNN or BBC world news, I know we expect game journalism to have a certain level of creditability but I do feel like some of us take it waaay too seriously for something thats suppose to be fun. I mean damm, it looks like the guy is working his ass off for a "place" in the industry, just let him be, and for those who are "OMG" offended just stop clicking on articles from HHG etc.

Finally although he goes about it the wrong way with the sensational headline, theres nothing wrong with comparing the 2 games (both hack & slash w/QTE's). I think most of us when we hear positive news about a new game, wonder how it will compare to previous games in the same genre, its a natural emotion to compare. So if he changed the headline to something like "Can Ninja Blade for 360 become as popular as GoW for Playstation?" then it would make alot more sense, since its a legit question/comparison....whether it does or not or the probability of that happening is low, its still a legitmate question.


y0haN4000d ago

It's ALWAYS speculation, but at least the dude is trying I guess.

Microsoft Xbox 3604000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

The comments on every HHG article is mostly never about his content but more about his fanboyish headlines. IMO, HHG as a true gaming journalist has failed.

He desperately wants attention. His topics are in fact equivalent to the typical N4G user that posts in the Open Zone. Fact.

II-Reaper-II4000d ago

I used to watch HHG often but now i see hes just like the majority of these lame so called journalist.Just bringing flame bate articles with no credibility just to get hits

BkaY4000d ago

most of you guys simply hates him right .....without watching his show.... i bet not even 5% of u azz nuggets watched his show... and im not saying have to but ... making dumb azz comment clearly shows tht u have some real issues with HHG....

most of you r just reading the headlines and ran your mouth.....

he said GT5 prologue.... like twice...

@canadianguy..... mate go to 21:49 ....

let the disagreesssss rolling...


DaTruth4000d ago

My only problem here is that he passes it off like he's a insider when these are just "the latest N4G headlines" in his show. I read all of this already over the week. The reason he comes off seeming like he has flamebait headlines is cause this is all "the latest N4G headlines".

KarateExplosion4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Seriously. How come no one is commenting about the new thing with HOME on ps3. Buying resident evil 5 and getting to play the arcade game there? I mean maybe im behind but that is new to me. Achievements in Home from playing Street fighter? Thats some good stuff. Those that havent watched this watch it those that havent.... well STOP YOUR HATIN

PS YES HHG square enix is retarded and I hope they lose alot of money on their games to learn their lesson. Dont ignore the system that made you popular! Yeah I know they were on SNES first. OBVIOUSLY if they wouldnt have moved to the PS1 ff7 wouldnt have been as popular cause it woulda looked completely different on N64 with no cut scenes.

War Perfected4000d ago

HipHopGamer is losing it,comparing Ninja Blade to God Of War 3? Xbox 360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics? LOL,God Of War 3 will DESTROY Ninja Blade,Ninja Blade will be average if not below average at best!!

Naucious4000d ago

my point exactly it's just an opinion so why r we crucifying him like our lives depended on one mans thoughts lol he gives good content none the less take it as that itself content alone and not facts. Real recognizes real so you know whats up.....

Marceles4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I gotta agree with DaTruth...

"There's some stuff you REALLY need to hear!"

HHG, we all come to N4G and get the same news as you man, tell us stuff we really dont know. Your Gamers on the Street segments are the best part about your show because they're exclusive interviews, but everything else is kind of like an audio interpretation of a duplicate story already posted on N4G. We ALL know what's really going on...

*God Of War Is Ready For Microsoft's Ninja Blade Let The Battle Begin*

First, this is the usual title that hits the N4G beehive and why you usually get your love/hate comments on here. And 2nd...battle? This is a slaughter, God of War doesn't even have to get ready for Ninja Blade...Kratos is STILL chillin and sippin lemonade on vacation. GoW is already a proven franchise on the most successful system ever, and is voted by many to be the best PS2 game of them all AND one of the best action adventure games of all time. There's absolutely NO touching GoW, not one scratch at all.

* Tekken 6 Superior On PS3

We know Tekken's arcade systems were based on PS3 hardware

* Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics

......*crickets*, I'm just speechless on this statement, I dont know what to say, I can only shake my head

Parappa The Rappa4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )


Seriously, N4G?
F*ckin A---there is a lot more entertaining sh*t than this prick that you can find online.
Peep the vid. Its not about gaming, but its worth more than ANY "episode" of HHGShow.

jalvarez4000d ago

his was talking of Gran Turismo 5 prologue.

Beast_Master4000d ago

Props to those who say Ninja blade is a GOW rip off! That is exactly what it is they don't even try to hide it. I mean right down to the orbs! I guess MS is waiting for Sony to release its crop of new games this year as much as we are, so they can rip off even more ideas.

Cynical-Gamerzus3999d ago

His show is about sensation and news it keeps us waiting and informed,dont take it so seriously you should be lucky to not have to pay for this news and buy a magazine subscription loser.,BTW are you like 15 years old??
cause you need to go home and play your Wii Beaaatch

thats_just_prime3999d ago

Well 1st off its clear that all the sony fanboy on this site are small pathetic lil people. Its obviously he was talking about GT5 demo he even states that repeatedly. Also NFS games are multi plat. Funny thing is that HHG is one of the biggest sony fanboys of all. However he is so unprofessional that even the n4g sony fanboys hate him.

He actually tries to say that the psn is better cause you can make more then one account to put friends on. He say he has over 1200 friends on psn and that makes it better then xbl. I never understood why people want to add every single person that they play with online with as a friend. I cleen off my friends list every few months and it alway amazing he how many people add me to their friend list after playing with them once and then I never hear form them again.

There is a funny bit in there with him whining and crying about how badly he is treated by n4g.

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Nelson M4000d ago

Off to watch it
Report Back Later

Kain814000d ago

cause i dont want to see this Show and give him a Hit to his lame news

Nelson M4000d ago

Except for the Gran Turismo/Need for Speed thing
Dont know what the hell he talkin about

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4000d ago

* xBox 360 Games(Halo/Gears)Graphics Surpass Sega Genesis Collection Games like the Original 'Sonic the Hedgehog'(Just about!!!)
'Gears of War 2' looks like 'Altered Beast' on the Mega Drive!!! ;-D
(I call it the Mega Drive)

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4000d ago
swiftshot934000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

this sh!t has to stop. No more HHG at this site, his site is a joke. All flamebait titles, crap articles etc...

"Submission Quality
Please rate the quality of the news post.
You have rated this submission "Not good"
Cancel Rate"

lets make this happen n4g. This shouldnt get approved.

Edit: meant as a reply to thatcanadianguy.

Edit 2: This is what he always does, he switches from biased 360 headlines to biased PS3 headlines. Fvcking pathetic.

Apocalyptica4000d ago

Good show except for "Xbox360 Surpassed Gran Turismo 5 Graphics".

gamersden4000d ago

This kid is comparing ninja blade a flop game to gow3

gt5 graphics surpassed??

This guy doesnt even understand wht he says