Violence and Sex Don't Equal Maturity

In the face of recent controversy within the gaming industry that's centered around what is or isn't acceptable, Ryan Rigney of gently reminds readers to consider some things when determining what level of content is or isn't offensive.

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SasanovaS7774005d ago

pretty good example of what a mature game is by the little pic. shadow of the colossus

RKRigney4005d ago

Yeah that was a point that I made in the article.

SasanovaS7774005d ago

dont worry, Heavy Rain is coming

cyguration4005d ago

from the opposite side of the argument.

Too often writers in the industry keep saying there needs to be more sex and nudity, but it doesn't really make the games more mature.

Dead or Alive is a perfect example of this. More than anything games with adult content detract from the video game medium as something to be taken seriously.

f7897904005d ago

Leave the nudity on the internet. If I'm playing games, I want to play games.

macalatus4005d ago


I was about to rip the author off for perpetuating the favorite media/Jack Thompson myth that "games are only for kids", but I do get his point.

To all others wishing to shoot his views down, read this: No way does he says that we should completely remove violence and sex from games, he means that a game can be mature without those!

solsub4005d ago

Excellent article, very well-written.

Lord Anubis4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

but they equal pleasure?




I like'em feisty.
[runs away]

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The story is too old to be commented.