Mark Rein Slams Gears 2 Report

Epic Games has poured cold water on reports that Gears of War 2 was quietly confirmed at the Game Developers Conference last week.

Designer Cliff Bleszinski gave a presentation at GDC, during which he reportedly confirmed that Epic does "intend to do a sequel".

But it sounds like our old friend Internet Reports was getting a bit ahead of himself, because Epic veepee Mark Rein soon popped up on the game's official forum to deny it. "Cliff didn't confirm anything of the sort," he wrote.

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Sphinx4631d ago

There will be a GOW2. They made tons of money with GOW... it would be ridiculous not to make a sequel.

Gamer luv4630d ago

exactly, why deny it when everyone knows.

They made tons of money from GeOW 1...
The fans want it...
They end the game with an unfinished story..

Its obvious they're are going to follow it up, seeing as its there biggest success.

@Funky Town TX, id love to see a new 1P also, either bring a better games then gears out, then brings Gears to out and ill be happy.

Funky Town_TX4630d ago

another new IP as well. I would love a GOW2, but I rather have a new IP.

Rasputin20114630d ago

How can Epic attempt to keep all hush hush on a sequel when they leave an open ending which clearly indicates a sequel.

DaTrooF4630d ago

going to be realeased i just dont see the reason why he is trying to deny gow2.

Silver3604630d ago

Because they want to keep sales of the current game strong and sell more downloadable content. IMO they feel that if we know a second game is coming only the hardcore will buy the downloads will the rest will wait for the next game.

PS360PCROCKS4630d ago

I agree with you on the sales part dropping because a next game. But they might as just say "yea their will be another" and leave it at that and instead of denying it that's just lame. Imagine this tho, 2011-2012 GOW3 on the XBOX 720 done by unreal engine 4 imagine how ridiculous that would be?

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