Massively: The Daily Grind: Will you watch the Watchmen?


"Okay, so we know we're nowhere nearly the only folks in the MMO universe who also happen to be enormous comic book geeks. (If we were, City of Heroes and Champions Online would have a wee teeny population.) So you can imagine what the general level of Watchmen nerditry is like today in the virtual Massively offices as we all wait for the opening tonight at midnight. This morning, we thought we'd see how many fellow Watchmen geeks are out there, so we wanted to ask - how many of you are headed to catch the movie? Will you be checking it out at midnight, or later this weekend? Are you as excited as we are? Also, to make this a somewhat MMO related question - will you be checking out the Watchmen iPhone MMO or snagging the Watchmen goodies on PlayStation Home when they come out? Or are you sticking to blowing your extra cash on seeing the movie again?"

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