Microsoft Allows Users to Remove Software

PCEverything writes: Microsoft finally allows users to remove software that they include on your system when you buy their operating system. In response to the EU's protests and the US's anti-trust suits they are finally allowing users to remove key programs like Internet Explorer and Media Player from their system by placing an icon in the Control Panel.

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Speed-Racer3999d ago

Haha it;s about time they gave us some choice. I never use IE.

SupaPlaya3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

everything is possible.

Although having it out of the box is convenient for the general, not so computer savvy users.

Hopefully this will also force MS to make IE better in terms of performance (have you seen the Javascript rendering speed comparison between the browsers?) and security.

Speed-Racer3999d ago

Tjey would never remove it completely

The Lazy One3999d ago

if it were completely uninstalled a lot of the features in windows simply wouldn't function.

heyheyhey3999d ago

@The Lazy One

wtf are you talking about?

how would deleting IE malfunction features in Windows? it's just a browser

The Lazy One3998d ago

parts of IE are actually used in a lot of places in the windows system.

"Users should keep in mind that the Internet Explorer rendering engine is being used for various integral parts of the operating system and that it most likely would require a rewrite to untie it completely."

AuToFiRE3998d ago

IE is actually used to browse your computer, without it you cannot check folders, and that is one reason why i never used IE, if a hacker gets into internet explorer, they have complete control over your computer, if a hacker gets control of FF, they only have control of FF, but whatever, i use Linux so nautilus is the file browser and FF is the web browser

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Godmars2903999d ago

Then what's the point?

If they're still there, they're still using system resources even when idle, *STILL* acting as a backdoor for hackers and viruses, what's the point?

Why the f*ck couldn't MS do the job right and make programs that you'd want to use instead of concentrating on making you have to use them.


BECAUSE, its not an apple.

Qorious3999d ago

Yay! IE8 and WM11 FTL!!!

evilmonkey5013999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

It just lets you think you did. Any software that can reinstall itself after you've uninstalled it has never really been uninstalled at all...

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