The Future of Games

Josh Rai on writes: "Unlike many console generations, the current one did not start with a huge step up graphically over the previous generation's consoles. In fact, the only real difference between the last two generations at the beginning of the current one was a higher resolution. I would say that only now are we truly seeing the graphical leap that should have occurred at the launch of the 360. There are a few exceptions to this, but overall it has taken far too long for most games to catch up. Let's forget the old question, "did we jump to the next gen to soon?" and move on to the future. Where do games go from here?"

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GrabthroatShinkicker4003d ago

Good article but MGS4's cutscenes were too long and not much different than any other game's cutscenes. An excellent game, just not so good for demonstrating cutscenes done right.

NJShadow4003d ago

MGS4's cutscenes were brilliant if you ask me. Even **SPOILER** when the game was half cutscene, half gameplay, that was AWESOME. **SPOILER**

fishd4003d ago

Ueda's new game gonna be something new and uniqe,that's for sure

pippoppow4003d ago

The Wii and to a lesser extend the PS3 have shown how fun and different games can be when motion controls are implimented properly. Next gen all consoles will most likely have motion controls of some sort as it really helps immerse the player in a game.

NJShadow4003d ago

I enjoyed the motion controls in Killzone 2. They weren't all that frequent, but really made you feel like you were doing the motion, pretty cool if you ask me.