Resistance: Fall of Man Vs. Resistance 2

Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 are two of the best exclusive games on the Playstation 3. Despite being in the same genre and the same series, these two games couldn't be any more different.

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PS3isBUST3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Resistance 2 just dropped the ball with no co op mode, it was a pretty standard shooter that threw away the storymode. The extra co op mode was lame, I mean one person did the shooting, the other person did the healing. That's just outthinking yourself. It seems every first person shooter wants to cut out co op mode now, Call of Duty 4 seems to have made that the cool thing to do.

Resistance 2 has better graphics, and some extra online modes, but doesn't make up for the lack of co op in my view. I had some pretty good times playing the original with buddies, and Resistance 2 was just a big letdown.

LarVanian3999d ago

Co-op would not have worked in the R2 story-line.
I mean honestly how exactly would co-op work in levels such as the Leviathan and Kraken boss fights?
So no, Insomniac didn't cut co-op just because Infinity Ward did.

legendkilla3999d ago

R1 was better imo. Im just not feeling R2 as much. I have both btw

RussDeBuss3999d ago

I prefered the single player in resistance1, it had a more gritty feel to it and just seemed to play better to me, don't know why.

thats not to say i didn't enjoy r2, i just had more fun with r1

Megaton3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

The hell are you talking about? The "extra lame co-op mode" is what many players and reviewers found to be the best part of the game, including me. Aside from that, I'd agree it was a let down. The campaign wasn't very good at all.

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Socomer 19793999d ago

I've been playing resistance 2 after killzone 2 expecting the experience to be ruined by K2's standards.
I was so wrong. R2 is fantastic still & is so very addictive & fun.

R2's servers are so smooth & skirmish mode can still stand strong. Its a delicious game that can satisfy your need for pure chaos. There are players out there that are so good that's its quite a challenge to beat them. R2 is best played with a mic.

I feel resistance 1 was good for its time online but R2 augers it & blast it wide open with a hedgehog grenade.
r2 is like a graphic cartoon that's really scary. I will be playing for a long time as I have yet to fully rank up to the limit.

talltony3999d ago

resistance 1 had the better single player. resistance 2 did not do anything that great in the single player and they took the ability to hold multiple weapons away and limited it to 2 instead. resistance 2 had the better mp but resistance wins in the sp in my opinion.

TheColbertinator3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Resistance 1 was better.The matches were fast paced and intense not to mention it had great weapons like the Arc Charger,the flamethrower,backlash grenades,The Reapers,and the Hailstorm with secondary fire turrets.The art direction for R1 was good because the bleak atmosphere was detailed accordingly especially the Cathedral.

Not to mention R1 was more of a horror game like when the Grimms attacked you.

-I miss the weapon wheel

-I miss the narrative from Parker.You suck Nathan

-R2 totally butchered the story

pwnsause3999d ago

i disagree with you except for the Story. But I do agree that they should of bought some of the weapons of R1 back to R2.

RussDeBuss3999d ago

i liked the narative as well, kinda knitted the game together for me and really missed it from r2

Sevir043999d ago

which is why i wasn't really happy with the color pallet the graphics were a step up bhut in the wrong direction... it somewhat became a halo like game with the color pallet. I didn't particularly like that. R2 should have been a gritty game like R:fom, it was bloody but far from gritty. i wished they would have limited the color pallete and desaturate the look that way the graphics would have looked like a true evolution of R:fom..

The other step backwards was the Narritive... the story i understood and enjoyed it but the narrative was not cohesive. Nathan just wasn't a character you could like and he was completely shallow. Parker from the first Game was excellent at it and it gave you a background of everything and tied the game all together. you didn't have to figure out what was going on because the narrative was walking you through it and explaining the purpose and the journey from start to finish.

R2 though is a fabulous game. and a real technical marvel considering all the things it packed. Some of the biggest bosses and great gameplay i'd ever played in a FPS.. R2 should have also kept the weapon wheel, because that was a real good thing and strong point for the first. i prefered having a plethora of weapons to choose from instead of being given clues of whats gonna be required for a boss fight, that made the campaign a bit too easy for me.

Still I enjoyed R2 through and through and i hope Ted and the guys listen to the fans and not the critics. the Narrative, cohesive story, weapon wheel and gritty looking graphics was what made the first game so popular. It's a step up on major fronts but also in the wrong direction.

interrergator3999d ago

i like the first one kuz it was longer i mean not dissin the 2nd one i like the 60 multiplayer i still have it but i want fps to get longer from these nowadays they been short liek killzone halo and call of duty developers step ur game up

Socomer 19793999d ago

r1 had a weapon wheel which meant that hale can shrink 10 guns into his pocket or up his a$$.
The weapon wheel online was tottaly unfair. Baiting players with a pistol to try for a rocket launcher kill with no
consequences for missing the shot because you have 5 other guns which were way too powerful.
the only people that miss a weapon wheel were the campers. I'm glad its gone.

1 shot kills were good as a option but every custom match used it on the smallest map possible.

As for the story, co op would have worked. Arcade mode works so why not player 2 splitscreen?
Still, that's not a concern of mine. Nathan hale is a hero yet his chimera rage led him to make some questionable desicions. There are a few twist in the game that are completly surprising. Those that didn't like the story are just boring Brits with tea stained teeth that wanted a Shakespearean drama just because R1 was located in Europe & had buildings look like actual buildings. Its American animosity at its finest. R2 is better than R1.

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