Lousy, stinking, cheating AI

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

There is a facet of gaming in all genres that can often get crappy, stupid, and incredibly annoying. AI's will often have all manner of glitches, bugs, and other oddities, like that simple run back and forth script (to make shooting at them difficult) that can't handle the introduction of objects, and they get stuck (see Star Wars: Battlefront).

There are certain categories of games, however, where the AI actually cheats, and it gets a little out of hand. Or mostly enraging.

See, for example, the racing genre. Now, not every single racing game ever created falls prey to this error in judgment, but let's discuss Mario Kart for a moment. When you play this game against an AI opponent, there are a few things that will occur:

First: in each cup there will be a designated ranks for the winners. As in (for Double Dash), the combination of Wario/Waluigi or Peach/Daisy will take first and second place in every race, almost without fail. This means, in terms of points, if, for example, you totally tank a race (which is almost guaranteed to happen on the high difficulties), there is almost no way to come back, as your high-ranked opponents always take between first and third

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