5 Potential Sleeper Hits for the Wii

TVGB writes: "Naturally, most gamers are excited for upcoming titles like Punch-Out!!, The Conduit and MadWorld, but there are a few other games due out by the summer that seem to be flying under the radar despite showing a lot of promise. Within just a few months the Wii will be host to a game that could eclipse the Pikmin series in quality as well as what could be the best tilt-based platformer on the system yet. TVGB takes a look at some potential sleeper hits on the Wii".

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Smacktard4000d ago


Sleeper hits, and no mention of Muramasa or Kizuna? Instead we get Excite Bots, Kororinpa, and Ghost Busters? I barfed a little.

Nugan4000d ago

To the writer's credit, he stated that it was a list of games "due out by summer" and I doubt that we will see Kizuna before this summer in North America.

Muramasa, however, is a pretty large oversight unless the writer felt that it was too high profile to be a sleeper title.

Smacktard4000d ago

Ah, must've missed that part. Heh, I only looked at the pretty pictures, as I knew what all of the games were about anyways.

I don't think Muramasa has a spring release date in the US. I've seen it listed as late summer, but I don't know if that's accurate.

Nugan4000d ago

I don't think Muramasa has an official release date yet. I am hoping for late Spring or early Summer, but that may be wishful thinking.

I really hope that Kizuna is given a North American release date soon. I would hate to see it get stuck in limbo like Fatal Frame or Fragile.

Covenant4000d ago

Toss in Pikmin, Mad World, the Conduit, and (maybe) Kid Icarus, and Nintendo's got a pretty solid lineup in 2009.

ngg123454000d ago

koropina, mad world, and little king story are the only great titles there.

Smacktard4000d ago

I hated the original Kororinpa. To get gold on almost any single level was a total pain in the arse. Also, you had to contort your hand and wrist into unnatural and painful positions. It was a really bad game. It would've been better as a less frantic game with a control style similar to Mercury Meltdown Revolution (the other "arguably best" tilt game on the Wii).

Pheonix034000d ago

No mention of Muramasa: Demon Blade is dissapointing considering it may end up being the best game for the Wii this year; at least it will be if Nintendo doesn;t bring Zelda or any other first-party title to the Wii.

addnewman4000d ago

how can u just state that the conduit will be terrible?

ngg123454000d ago

I saw the gametrailers gttv video. And nothing looked good about the game. And I mean nothing.

ChaoticStupid4000d ago

It's on the Wii. So it must be bad.

You just have to ignore trolls like that.

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