Gears of War No Longer Has the Best Cover System? Wanted looks to take the Crown

The cover system in Wanted shows a level of realism not seen anywhere else before. You can go behind cover and instead of the simple side to side action we see in most 3rd person shooters, you have the option to use the bullet time action effect when coming out of a cover which is amazing and adds to the experience of the game in a positive perspective.

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Cajun Chicken4001d ago

Eat Lead has a pretty decent cover system too.

SasanovaS7774001d ago

i downloaded the demo, tried aiming, said wtf is this shi7, and deleted it.

ThanatosDMC4001d ago

Exactly, i didnt like the demo either. It sucks!

StephanieBBB4001d ago

- The graphics are pretty bad.
- The plane level was extremely repetative.
- The bullet curving is very satisfying. (pretty much the only thing that could make me play through the whole game.)
- The combat moves you get to use are awesome though.

But the cover system in Wanted is still pretty much nothing more or less than anything else. Sure it's quicker to move from cover to cover in Wanted than Gears but you can't sideroll out in the open. You constantly have to move from wall to wall and that sucks.

bullswar4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Thats the reason whenever I see has reviewed, previewed, rumored or speculated something ... I know its nothing but BS.

This website is filled with down straight dumb drop dead dip$hit posers. I wish stop approving any article coming from this website.

Gears of War not having a best cover system ... Well thats what I have to say, they talk straight out of their A$$. Damn tools.

morganfell4001d ago

Yes Killswitch had a great cover mode...

ChampIDC4001d ago

I do really like how your character moves between the cover in this game, but it just doesn't control as fluently as Gears.

Kill.switch still holds the crown for my favorite cover system, though.

JokesOnYou4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

I played the demo, the cover system is sweet, but the aiming and graphics suck.


Baba19064001d ago

i did the exact same thing. i tried the demo for about 5 minutes and was so angry at the world that i had to erase it again. awefull. really!!!

*shakes head*

Mindboggle4001d ago

Is this game based off that crappy Angelina Jolie film ?

GVON4001d ago

the cover reminded me a little of those 8 days vids form a few months ago,not as fluid as that but still ok.But saying that the demo was boring.

Shepherd 2144001d ago

this article must be secretly from sarcastic gamer, because only someone with autism or are completely mental irregular would put up an article like this.


at least the movie is good

War Perfected4001d ago

LOL Gears Of War NEVER had the best cover system,the best cover systems would come from Rainbox Six:Vegas and Uncharted!!

mal_tez924001d ago

I found the cover in Uncharted to be much easier and it worked a whole lotter better than in Gears of War. They are very similar yes but things like the locked camera angle while not in cover and not being able to switch shoulders on the fly like in Uncharted made aiming frustrating at times in Gears. The locked camera angle was extremely annoying when fighting closer enemies and while trying melee attacks.

The melee in Gears was pretty crap part from the Lancer chainsaw, while uncharted's melee was one of the best I have seen, and yet was so simple and easy. The silent attacks Dake does when you sneak up behind an enemy were always awesome, and I swaer I've done this before but while running at an enemy I dropkicked him in the face! Sick!

The ease of movement in Uncharted due to the unlocked camera angle made moving from cover to cover very easy, it also made run and gun a lot more useful than it is in Gears.

All in all, The above reasons combined with amazing graphics (which Gears of War also has) and unbeatable animation makes Uncharted's controls and cover system the best for cover based shooters.

Holy s#!t I can beleive how much I wrote.

Naucious4001d ago

imma download the demo and make my judgement, but some of the remarks on here are pretty funny i dont know if some are being sarcastic or not, but good humor none the less. I did like the movie though and cant wait for the sequel or prequel dont know exactly what they are doing....

Legion4001d ago

Once again... an EPIC FAIL. An article that is totally WRONG.

Gears doesn't have the best cover system (but it is great), but Wanted does not even come close. It is panned moves and what Is realistic about it again? Bullet time..? WHAT??

Rainbow games (Vegas serious) blows away the cover system.

Even Army of Two had a better cover system then Wanted!!!

HippityHop for the loss!

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Arsenic134001d ago

Game still isnt that great.

PrimordialSoupBase4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

It's okay. But "adds to the experience of the game in a positive perspective." is not -- hiphopgamer needs to learn how the hell to write properly.

George Sears4001d ago

To bad it's a cover system in a game covered with turd.

-EvoAnubis-4001d ago

I got a kick out of the demo. It's a solid rental, at the least.

LarVanian4001d ago

I always found Uncharted to have the best cover system. You could move about while reloading guns and changing weapons. It worked very smooth as well.
GTAIV and Kane & Lynch have the worst cover systems imo.

Mindboggle4001d ago

I agree uncharteds cover is fantastic and is overall such an underated game. I hope Uncharted 2 will open some peoples eyes to what a great franchise uncharted is....

dorron4001d ago

I tried the demo and found the game to be crappy IMO...