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"There are some issues with the game, but I consider them to be minor. The first is that the game's graphics were not enhanced for HD. I hesitate to call the graphics bad, but it's obvious that the game is a port from another system and doesn't take advantage of any of the PS3's graphics horsepower. Also, there is only one song that plays continuously in the background. While it is a catchy jungle-style theme, it definitely begins to wear on the nerves during longer play sessions. Lastly, the game insists on slowly loading and displaying the leaderboards after each and every game. It's annoying to have to sit and wait for the boards to load when all that you want to do is jump back in and start another game. Overall, these issues are not enough to put a damper on the gameplay, and Zuma is recommended to anyone who enjoys these types of games."

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Handsome_Devil4009d ago

"The first is that the game's graphics were not enhanced for HD"

now thats an issue for me, not the graphics, but the fast he looked at the graphics in this game. Please, it Zuma it doesn't need Great Graphics, because personally its not an artistic game.

if i go into it i won't stop talking so i'm gonna just shut up.

one last thing thats just my OWN opinion