VGM: Street Fighter IV Review


"Even so there is a lot to love both online and offline in Street Fighter IV. In general the online matches don't lag much, and as long as you're playing with good people chances are you'll be having a blast. Capcom even added an option to allow people to challenge you while you are playing through the single player arcade mode, something that has been on my fighting game wish list forever, and it comes as close as you will ever get to playing in an actual arcade. The gameplay is reminiscent of Street Fighter II, but very different in the details. It's a thought out, well crafted system for sure, but player taste will ultimately decide whether they stick with SFIV or only use it as a vacation from their main fighting game of choice. Of course it isn't perfect, and there are definitely some problem spots that should have never been there with the online modes, but this is forgivable considering how completely awesome pretty much everything else about the game is. If you are or were ever a Street Fighter fan you shouldn't hesitate to buy Street Fighter IV (unless you're holding off in fear of Super Street Fighter IV Championship Edition being announced a month from now), and if you've never tried it before definitely pick this up for a rental; as long as you're willing to put in the practice, Street Fighter IV might just make you a believer."

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