Hotter than Angelina? Sheva from Resident Evil 5

The developers of RE5 had a clear goal for Sheva Alomar: "We were not going for Beyoncé-level hot, but hotter than Angelina Jolie." (Jun Takeuchi, head producer of Resident Evil 5)

Did they succeed? wants to find out and put up a huge gallery with over 150 screenshots of beautiful Sheva Alomar, including some direct comparison screenshots.

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DSco43999d ago

Who do you think is hotter?

Actually I prefer Sheva, is it considered strange if I prefer a virtual over a real woman? ;D

myothercar3999d ago

Sheva looks like a man compared to Angelina Jolie. And this coming from someone who thought Sheva was pretty cute before this comparison arose.

360 MAN 23999d ago

thats sanaa lathan

but hey shes hot too

360 MAN 23999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

i always thout sanaa lathan and sanya richards looked a bit alike

but sanaa being waay more prettier

chaosatom3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

The resident evil chick looks definitely hot.

here is two pics of her:

iNcRiMiNaTi3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

they modeled her after michelle van der water


JustinSaneV23999d ago

Didn't they have to model her after a real woman though?

Menchi3999d ago

They say they didn't go for a Beyonce level of hotness, when Angelina is a lot better looking than Beyonce.

Pixel_Addict3999d ago

You think Angelina is hotter than Beyonce? You must me out of your f**king mind. I'm not saying she isn't hot. I think Angelina is hot, but Boyonce has everything going for her, including a nice a$$ figure.

Drano3999d ago

I say that Chris was modeled after the Incredible Hulk.

Jump Beyond.

uie4rhig3999d ago

WOW :O they've done a really bad job there!! meh i guess there is a limit to everything..

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bullswar3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Angelina Jolie ... well ... one of my friend explained me that even though Angelina Jolie is human but she resembles either to a new born baby chimp or a Mini Mouse who got her ears ripped having $ex with Billy Bob Thornton in Limo.

Now Megan FoXX is what u call drop dead gorgeous, you can stare at her all day long without even blinkin your eyes. True innocent beauty ... Ive read somewhere that she get violated in Transformers 2 by Shia La Beof ... lollllllll ...

Sheva on the other hand looks perfectly well designed virtual girl. If Sheve was real, she would have been the best lookin girl on planet earth. So u know who my vote goes to.

PS3isBUST3999d ago

Jolie doesn't have a shred of hot to me. And Shava pisses me off, is she black or purple? And she talks like a british.

Gaidrius3999d ago

You moron. The reason why Sheva has a British accent is because a lot of South Africa was colonized by England.

Pixel_Addict3999d ago

British colonized and brutalized S. Africa up till the late 70's and to some extent today. That's why S. Africans are pissed about a white dude killing a bunch of Africans. It has nothing to do with being black. I have a black american friend that could careless about RE5, he still pre-ordered it.

Marceles3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

i'll throw this into the vote of worst comment of the year

360 MAN 23999d ago

damn sheva got it goin own

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The story is too old to be commented.