KYM: I Love Katamari review

KYM writes: "Like rolling a snowball around in a field full of the stuff, in I Love Katamari you play as a prince of the Cosmos who has to roll the eponymous ball-like Katamari about the world, collecting stuff. Anything a fair bit smaller than the Katamari will stick to it, therefore making it bigger, allowing you to pick up larger things and completing the beautifully unhinged circle of joy that is I Love Katamari.

You undertake these fodder-gathering missions under the command of the King of all Cosmos, a belligerent intergalactic monarch who wants you to bring back certain items from earth for him. Aside from the story modes, there are also time attack challenges, a mode where you have to get your Katamari to an exact size and an easy-going free mode."

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