Un-Boxing Resident Evil 5: The Collectors' Edition

Capcom Unity: "For those of you who can wait until the 13th to get your Collectors' Edition of Resident Evil 5, I have a little something prepared for you... We got a few copies in early this week, so I figured, "why not show off what's inside the box?" A fair warning: this video shows all, and if you don't want the surprise spoiled... Well, I guess you already know what's in it, so watch anyways! As you'll notice, we decided to have some fun with this clip. Without further ado, here's the Un-Boxing of Resident Evil 5 Sexy Collectors' Edition! Enjoy. "

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Voozi4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

The music adds a nice touch lol

Idk, I woulda liked to get the CE but for $90...that's a price I'm not willing to pay haha, I think $70-$80 woulda been more reasonable, but imo $90 for a CE is way too much

Bumpmapping4007d ago

Yeah 90$ for crap,70$ would of been more resonable

The_Devil_Hunter4007d ago

Im a sucker for CE so Im still getting it.