id Software CEO: Rage Coming in 2009

"When it's done," you're done. Go running back to Duke Nukem Forever. You knew what this was.

While speaking with GameTrailers TV at last month's DICE Summit, id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead gave gamers the signal to look out over the horizon, because Rage is a comin'.

When asked whether his company's latest monosyllabic murder simulator would blow its top in 2010, Hollenshead replied, "No, we'll be out this year."

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Cajun Chicken4000d ago

Good ol' Id. I hope this one works out for them, its a little different than the Wolfestien, Doom and Quake franchises than usual. I have much faith as I loved Doom3.

ChampIDC4000d ago

They're one of the few companies that have yet to disappoint me, so I'm really looking forward to Rage.

kittoo4000d ago

And also to see how much better it looks on PCs and how it performs.
Doom 4..........................can 't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Qorious4000d ago

Good. This game is start to interest me more and more.

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The story is too old to be commented.