Download Microsoft DirectX 11 For Windows XP And Vista

If you follow technology news you should have got surprised reading the article title because there is no official DirectX 11 for Windows XP or Vista as of now, Microsoft DirectX 11 (6.01.7000.0000) will be made available on Windows 7 and Windows Vista when officially released in coming months, but virus creators have hoped onto the opportunity and started taking advantage of gamers curiosity to install the latest version of DirectX by posting fake trojan infected DirectX 11 links on blogs and forums, these so called DirectX 11 For Windows XP and Vista installer contained Trojans created in perl scripts which got detected by only three lesser known anti-virus scanners on VirusTotal out of total 39.

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Samer3055514d ago

Ya this was a little obvious. Just look at the file names. Xp would not be able to take advantage of Dx11 anyways.

RustyAuto5514d ago

What a completely misleading title. :(

On topic: Thanks for the heads up!

kharma455514d ago

Yeah the title was very misleading =p I was getting quite excited when I saw it, but, yeah cheers for the heads up OP =]

uie4rhig5513d ago (Edited 5513d ago )

and if you read the first sentence it should clear up why it is called that lol :P

and RustyAuto.. you're welcome ;)

Kushan5513d ago

There IS actually a way to get DX10 and DX11 running under XP. It's called using the "reference" driver that comes with the SDK. It'll work and give you full support for everything DX11 does....at about 2FPS on a 16-core machine.

Mindboggle5513d ago

Dont be stupid, its a good title that basically brought everyone in and then gave them a heads up, basically saving you from potential trojans

Kakkoii5513d ago

Doesn't Windows 7 already have DirectX 11? If you open the start menu and type DXDIAG and hit enter. You'll see in the window that pops up, that your running DirectX 11.

steve30x5485d ago

It says DX11 for Vista not windows 7.

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