Motorstorm Downloadable Content - New Track, Eliminator and Time Trial were shown some Downloadable Content for Motorstorm. Article includes exclusive video footage of the new modes.

"It's fair to say that after it was unveiled at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2005, MotorStorm was one of the most anticipated titles for Sony's PlayStation 3. The end result didn't quite live up to our high expectations, but some of the criticisms leveled at the game appear to be addressed by a series of downloads that are due for release in the coming months. With new multiplayer modes and new tracks already nearing completion, we made the journey to Evolution Studios' headquarters in the north of England to become the first in world to see some of this new content in action.

Many of the negative points made about MotorStorm revolved around the game's multiplayer mode, which lacked variety beyond the single-race mode. While that in itself was fun enough, and the game was more than capable of allowing 12 players from across the world to hit the dirt, it lacked the depth of the majority of its contemporaries. While split-screen multiplayer remains off the cards because of technical issues, Evolution plans to appease the online community with a number of new modes, two of which we saw on our visit. The eliminator mode should be familiar to players of such games as Burnout Revenge, where the car in last position is forced to retire at periodic intervals. The tried-and-tested time trial mode will also be making an appearance."

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wildcat4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

They should have had these from the get-go and for free. Add split-screen offline because it's such a let-down to be playing this while the person next to you just watches in awe.

Adriokor4635d ago

Pfft a new track? Right a reverse one you mean BS. And they said that splitscreen will most likely make it to the DLC section but now they say its not possible GRRRR. And pay for additional content? RIGHT as if.

techie4635d ago (Edited 4635d ago )

This is ONE of the many tracks that will downloadable. These are TWO of the modes that will be downloadable. Gamespot said splitscreen PROBABLY isn't possible, evolution say otherwise, saying they will gage the response. I assure you they are most likely working on it.

I agree that it should be included in the original game...I don't even have the net at home.

But you were fretting about the new track...when the only showed gamespot one of others. Also the splitscreen as far as I know is being worked on, but gamespot thought it wasn't possible, not evolution.

As regards to paying...I think they should all be free...because they are more like patches etc. Freeeeee please!

Adriokor4635d ago

Because the game is incomplete, the DL content should be all for free.
If I pay 60 bucks for a game I do not intend on spending anymore to get the basic features, seeing how these companies make profits in the millions as it is whithout it.
I do not plan on buying any extra content and I hope many more people do the same. That way these companies will learn to stop ripping off their customers in every possible way.

Shrek4635d ago

we need to shut them down early or they will bleed every dollar out of us that the can

Bathyj4635d ago

And if they had put it in the game you'd be complaining that it was delayed another 3 months. Picking up my copy next Thursday at midnight. I'll download the extra content when its ready.

Scythesean4635d ago

I did a post on this last week, it was from some spanish gaming site. But it had splitscreen as being part of the update.

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