Free hard drive bay and screws from Sony

Video showing a free hard drive bay and screws for replacing your hard drive from Sony. Call customer service, I heard about this and didn't believe it but called and they sent it in the mail.

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FPShooter4003d ago

I really need to upgrade my HDD I have been looking around the web trying to see what would be a good one for my PS3.

Suggestions anyone

Handsome_Devil4003d ago

I've heard its best top go with the SATA 2.5" Hard Drive :)

I didn't change my hard drive yet, but I'm planning to. if you get a clear answer plz PM it to me as well :)

FPShooter4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


thanks man I will let you know if i find out anything else. btw how many GB is that?

Chris3994003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Very easy process... but...beware of stripping the screws in the HD Bay, they are very small and easily damaged.

Aside from one bugger of a screw, the process was painless and took about 10 minutes.

Like Handsome_Devil stated, use any 2.5 inch, 5200 RPM SATA drive. Higher drive speeds are not recommended and could cause issues (though some people report them as being fine).

Oh, and before doing anything, back up all your data using the "backup" option under "system" on the XMB. I used an external USB drive for this purpose.

Then it's as easy as plugging in the external USB HD, going to "restore" (again on the XMB/ system menu) and in 1/2 an hour or so all your old data is on your new drive.

The best part about everything is that Sony encourages it and you don't void your warranty by upgrading the HD.

P.S. This is an incredibly civil and helpful "Open Zone" exchange. Bubbles for all of you :)

Handsome_Devil4003d ago

last time I asked toshiba 2.5' Serial ATA ( aka SATA ) was up to 320 GB, you might find other companies offer it other than toshiba though.

now i think it is the best type to use since Sony uses the same type with the PS3 :)

I just checked that on the website

if you go to the hard drive comparison you will find they use this hard drive.

I hope I helped you :)

evilmonkey5014003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I am using a 2.5 7200 rpm drive 320 gigs with no problems for over 6 months. The 7200 is tested and approved and will actually cause load/install times to decrease up to 20 %.

proof: http://playstation.joystiq....

here is the drive I use:

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Handsome_Devil4003d ago

Thats a really great customer Service, now if all companies would do so......

"IF ONLY" << Dreaming

ChampIDC4003d ago

Heck, companies usually don't encourage opening up their products and altering/fixing them yourself. It's nice to see Sony helps out the people that know what they're doing.

Shingy4003d ago

I think its meant to be really easy that anyone can do it, anyone that doesn't want to do it is just scared or retarded.

Hellsvacancy4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I bought an 500gig 2.5 HDD from a carboot sale a while ago (brand new) for £30 so i was lucky but hav a look on Amazon it depends how much space u want ive got tons of movies and music (and i mean tons) and i still hav over 300gigs left so goin for a 320gig is ideal 4 most people

Another trick i learnt was when i removed my old 40gig from my Ps3, i looked on Amazon and bought a 2.5 external Hdd case and turned the old 40gig Hdd in2 an external device

Edit. Bubbles returned to all :-)

SiLeNt KNighT4003d ago

haha, why did my mind leave out the word 'bay' when i read the title. when i clicked on it i was waiting for a free HDD from sony. good deal though. normally companies only give away free stuff when they do something wrong... aka RROD warranty and wiimote jackets.

JoshDargie4003d ago

I called back in June still havent gotten my parts... I wish I did cause mine is screwed up from switching the drive... :(..

Maybe ill call them once again.

BrothaDave4003d ago

Call Sony again. It took me about a month to get them. I had forgotten actually but better late than never. They said they would call but I don't accept blocked calls so that could be the reason it took longer.

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