Capcom Thinks Gamers Hate Having Money

Gavin "Halfleft" writes:

"You might recall lately that some rather popular Capcom games have generated a lot of buzz. As is normal we are being bombarded with marketing and merchandise amongst which is the 'gamer card'. Essentially a debit card with a Capcom character on it, it is bound to attract some hapless fans who just want to look at Ryu's chiselled jaw each time they make a purchase. Now that the custom card is available, it seems that this card is for people who hate being able to afford things as it is packed with fees and charges."

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Myst4001d ago

Good Lord! Some of those conditions are simply astronomical in price range...I'm glad my bank isn't like this at all...

thats_just_prime4001d ago

Its not a bank its a pre paid card. I've never used a card or bank that has any fee on it. Hell banks should be paying you cause you are loaning them money everytime you put your money into a bank

Myst4001d ago

I know, I'm just saying that I'm glad my bank doesn't impose something like this whenever I use my card or something of the sort. Though I do know around here there are a few banks that are now starting to charge 2.50 every time you want to withdraw money.

No FanS Land4001d ago

what the F is this ripoff?