Resident Evil 5 review, Playr TV give's it 9.5/10

Playr writes: "Capcom are on a role at the moment, our thumbs have barely recovered from Street Fighter IV's grueling workout and now they've hit us with another of this years biggest games.

Resident Evil is another one of their flagship franchise's and with it's 4th installment rated among the best ever games expectations have been mighty high for number 5.

This is the first time the series has been graced with todays High Definition hardware, so as you can see it looks fantastic. There are the added bonuses of playing through cooperatively with a friend, but does this latest chapter live up-to the high piece that steadily developed since it was first announced back in 2005."

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ape0074010d ago

amazing and refreshing

not like the 90% typical average shooters THAT HAVE RUN AND GUN


this is resi get in or


Rockstar4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

the haters just need something to b!tch about.

Today it's RE5, tomorrow it's Halo ODST or GOW3 etc. etc.

Rinse, repeat.

ChampIDC4009d ago

While I admit that there's really nothing wrong with sticking to the RE4 formula, I wish they didn't reuse some of the enemy animations from the game. That's sticking a little too close to the formula.

Anyway, it won't change the overall experience, so no worries. Friday can't come soon enough.

Jerk1204010d ago

Multi platform game and better than Killzone 2.

Rockstar4009d ago

What's your point?

It's all relative.

farhsa20084010d ago

Playr are no mug, they recognise a quality game when they see one and RE5 is one quality title.