Rumor: Big Sisters Stalk Onto BioShock 2

Kotaku writes:"We've heard that this Big Sisters will be an amazonian version of the Big Daddy, wearing similar, though svelter, gear."

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Xulap4009d ago

I posted something like this a while back and wasn't approved. :(

Head Shot King4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

That they will be BIG SISTERS.

Is not possible that all the Big daddy in rapture decided to go gay and like dressing up in women gear.

As The great Andrew Ryan would say, My blistering a$$ will make a new world.

NWA TA4009d ago

I hate it when that happens =/

s8anicslayer4009d ago

n4g rules,forum posts not allowed. I knew nothing of your post.

Staircase4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Why wouldn't it be a "Big Mommy"?

Big Daddy - Big Mommy
Little sister - ?

I think it makes more sense that way, to me at least. Unless this is referring to an older "Little Sister." But it seems to be implying a female Big Daddy.

Campy da Camper4009d ago

Your father's brother's former roomate's cousin.