10 things to make the PS3 worth buying

Here is a list from gamespot of the things that would get gamers too buy a Playstation 3.

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wildcat4263d ago

It seems too convenient they make this list right after all of Sony's GDC announcements. I think he loses some credit when he mentions the ps1 and ps2 hardware problems when there have been fewer reports of these problems with the ps3.

TheExecutive4263d ago

who cares... gamespot has some things right in this article... but they are truly too biased for me to take seriously what some dude has to say. What makes his opinion valid anyway? Gamespot has lost most of its credibility as a news source of any kind...

OldSchoolGamer4263d ago

I'm confused, he's writing things you agree with, and it sounds right? You don't like what he's writing so its biased?

Bigmac5734263d ago

This is no surprise. Gamespot is great at putting out the most biased articles against PS3.

tomfoolery4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

is key to the viability of any gaming console!
It freaked out tons of developers when Sony announced their $600
price point. Neo Geo;3DO...... ring a bell).Parents will continue to buy little Johnny a 360 or Wii over a PS3 because of this alone.

I personally see the worth of its price tag,but the mass consumers
do not ....


Master of Menace4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

Look at the charts. PS3 is selling. 2 million in 4 months. More than XBOX 360 sold in the same period from launch. The PS3 isn't even being sold in Europe yet. 360 fanboys are so blind, any fact just zooms, straight over their heads. It's selling, it has better games(now and later), and it has more functionality than XBOX 360 will ever hope for. Saying 360 lacks the options because they are giving you a choice, is a bad excuse. It's like buying a cream pie without the cream, and being told the cream is an optional extra. Who wants a cream pie without cream? I would hardly call that a choice. The point is people want what the PS3 has to offer, and are quite willing to pay for it. I can't wait for the European launch to start amassing sales. Maybe you'll finally see the light.

darx4263d ago

PRICE is an issue that is why I have not gone out and bought one yet. Maybe for you it isn't but for me it is. And until a price cut I won't be buying.

darkvenom4263d ago

is the most biased website,and they don't even own up to it.Oh well i'm still buying a PS3 regardless of what anyones opinion is.

lilwingman4263d ago

I completely agree. Regardless of what sources say, I like to make my own judgements, as I'm sure my tastes differ from other people. Realistically, the average gamer isn't a child anymore. Considering what you are getting, the price is not ridiculous at all, and is quite affordable (and I'm a 19 year-old paying myself through university). I like how Sony regards this as an investment. Knowing the PS3 will be around for 5+ years makes me feel better about giving them my money.

Neutral Gamer4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

I agree Tomfoolery, price will put off a lot of parents.

BUT that's the same with any new electronic product, it's always us hardcore gamers who are the early adopters.

But this could actually be good because if it means I don't have to listen to annoying, racist 10 year old kids (got too much of that while playing Halo 2 online) while playing on PSN then keep the price up Sony!

Leave the immature out of gaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.