Watchmen Deserve So Much More

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "Any adult that has a love for comic book heroes is likely going to love every moment of the film entitled Watchmen. It's easily one of the better comic book inspired films in recent memory with its engrossing story, endearing characters and gritty atmosphere. Everything about the graphic novel and film screams out for an amazing gaming experience to come from the universe, but gamers have only been treated to a decent brawler in the form of Watchmen: The End is Nigh."

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Arcturus4002d ago

the movie was pretty good but the music was off at times.

caffman4002d ago

it was nowhere near as good as the comics

christian hour4002d ago

Haha i know what you mean about the music, whenever some song came on it just seemed so, random, But it gave a new feel to watchmen that I never got or would have imagined from the graphic novel, it added a new flavor. Although the first few times i just sorta looked to my girlfriend and we were both dumbfounded as to why all these songs were playing in THIS film if any.

MrWeymes4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I found the music to be fitting for most of the film, but one part stood out. The dinner scene between Silk Spectre II and Night Owl. It's early in the movie. Some pop song came on briefly and seemed ill-placed.

solsub4002d ago

It was 99 Red Balloons.

I know, it seemed very out of place.

MrWeymes4002d ago

Yeah, I honestly didn't find any other songs to be out of place, but damn did that "99 Balloons" song throw me off. I had heard it before and it didn't mix with the vibe of the film whatsoever.

Regardless, I thought it was an excellent movie for the most part. Perhaps it should have been a two-parter, though. I would be interested in more back story and what not.

SpoonyRedMage4002d ago

99 Red Balloons may be better suited than you think, it's about nuclear war, the original German version is actually a protest song whilst the English version is more poppy and less serious.

Israfel4002d ago

99 lufballon is a song against Nuclear warfare. People who have knowledge really appreciate this movie. BE THANKFUL FOR IT.

Leathersoup4002d ago

At the point where Ozymandias is talking to the businessmen, they were playing Everybody Wants to Rule the World in the background quite quietly. I thought that was a nice touch.

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christian hour4002d ago

Ditto. I dunno how many times i've read Watchmen cover to cover over the last ten years since I first came across this masterpeice, but it deserves so much more as a game. Sadly the game just reeks of movie tie-in production quality. However the film IS amazing, the characters seem more 2d in the movie than they are in the comics, but thats mostly due to alot of their backstorys and character development was cut from the movie. But not too much that you still don't get the whol story, its a nice blend with an alternative ending that only needed to change for the simple reason of one minor plot point been left out (the construction of the alien) and so it would not have fit in the film. Kudos to Zack Snyder (and david hayter who was the first guy to write a script that nailed the story into a featur length film somehow. YAY SNAKE!)

MrWeymes4002d ago

Zack Snyder is a very promising, young director. Everything he has had a hand in has been good so far. My favorite is Dawn of the Dead. Everyone says that it is his weakest effort, but I disagree.

jovherye4002d ago

Loved it, though I too wish that it had been closer to the comic series, but that is a fanboy's dream! It probably would've been a 2 parter if that was the case.

MrWeymes4002d ago

I never read the comic series. Could someone please tell me the difference in ending between the movie and graphic novel?

Mighty Healthy4002d ago

The difference was there was a Squid in the novel than the thing in the movie.

Darkfocus4002d ago

@3.2 please don't post spoilers!

Leio4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

There are two diffrences
1. when Dr Manhattan show Specter around on Mars and arguing..
2. The ending scene differ from the book but in a very good way much better i think.

caffman4002d ago

the shrinks family life is missed out and the murder of a minor player.

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solsub4002d ago

I really didn't like the movie that much. But whatever, it's just me. It sucks that the game is nothing more than cheap tie-in though.

40cal4002d ago

I was also disappointed in the film, we went and watched it Friday night. Don't get me wrong it had its awesome moments but over all was not that good.

ElementX4002d ago

I've never read comics, except bits and pieces of a few. I plan on buying Watchmen though, just because I heard it's groundbreaking.

KidMakeshift4002d ago

It's very good but not as amazing as people say it is.

Planetary and The Authority are also very good and similar to The Watchmen

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