New Halo Wars Screenshot

New screenshot from Halo Wars.

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TheGoodMART4238d ago

yea i know i don't play halo

ben hates you4238d ago

looks intresting i love halo but i will only buy halo wars if it come out on pc pc is best for rts

shotty4238d ago

Its not always about whats the best, its about whats fun and how to reach a great audience.

Neutral Gamer4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

I remember when playing the original Halo there was an area in the game (can't remember which exactly; it's been so long since I played it) where it was at night and there were LOADS of different types of enemies, on multiple levels and several vehicles and at first I tried to sneak up on them on ground.

But then I found myself a Banshee, went up to a really high bridge with the idea of doing some sneaky sniping BUT instead I just found myself looking down for 15-20 minutes and zooming around at all the cool stuff that was happening below. And every now and then I'd just take out an unsuspecting enemy, he he.

But while up there it really did feel like this could so easily be an RTS. Imagine being able to play on either side and call in a Scorpion or two to pre-secure the area before sending the Spartans in. Then after a bit of fighting send in some Pelicans to drop off some health, weapons and more Spartans while ordering in some rocket launcher equipped fighters to sort out the incoming Covenant Dropships.

How about some optional voice recognition?

That'll be super sweet baby. Let's hope Ensemble Studios can make my dreams a reality!

THWIP4237d ago

...that Halo was originally conceived as an RTS, back when it was going to be a Mac exclusive title. ;)

Neutral Gamer4237d ago

You're right, I didn't know that!

Wow, imagine how different things could have turned out if Halo had never come out on the Xbox or been a console exclusive for it.

The Xbox might have failed and we wouldn't be playing on our 360's today - thank god for Halo!

Robotz Rule4238d ago

I own and played/passed halo 1 and 2,and im wondering if halo 3 and halo wars will be in the same game or will be two different separate games,can somebody help me?

Neutral Gamer4238d ago

I'm pretty sure they'll be two separate games.

Halo 3 will be developed by Bungie and Halo Wars by Ensemble Studios. Although Ensemble did make the Age of Empires series so they should go a good job.

Trickedbullet4238d ago

They are in fact two seperate games. Halo 3 is an FPS game while Halo Wars will be an RTS game. Halo Wars is also set to be released definately after Halo 3. I also heard that it will be exclusive to the 360 at least for a while.

I personally think that anyone who even likes halo should just go out and get all four books and the 2 games. Then you will see how epic Halo is. Plus, you can see how they can really expand Halo to many many many directions.

So, to learn to love halo, do the following.
1. Look at tons and tons of halo pictures to get a feel for the visual style to apply to the books.
2. Read Halo: The Fall of Reach
3. Play Halo: Combat Evolved
4. Read Halo: The Flood
5. Read Halo: First Strike
6. Play Halo 2
7. Read Halo: Ghosts of Onyx
8. Play Halo 3
9. Read any new books.
10. Play Halo Wars (time period is supposedly before the events of Halo:CE)

m234238d ago

Halo Wars will be exclusive to 360 console-wise, i think its coming to PC though

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