Why does Apple hate numbers?

Appletell reports: "As you likely know by now, Apple has quietly changed its wired keyboard so that it no longer includes a number pad. One with a number pad can be swapped out if you buy online. In store, though, is a different story.

An Apple representative told me that in store purchases will come with the standard (no numbers) wired keyboard. This isn't unexpected, as order customization has never been available at Apple Stores if you buy a computer "off the shelf." The logic behind the change, though, is not really there."

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Staircase4007d ago

A lot of Laptop keyboards don't have the number pad either. I can't say i really miss it all that much.

thor4007d ago

My laptop has a numpad - in fact I specifically looked for one WITH a numpad because for doing some things (e.g. 3d modelling) you NEED it. Shocking that they would want to get rid of it.

Staircase4007d ago

Well yeah, there are a lot of jobs and tasks that require the number pad. So for those this obviously wouldn't be a good choice. I was just commenting on the article making it sound completely absurd to not have it. I can see some people who would never think twice about not having it, and could use the extra space to fit it in a backpack or bag easier.

Panthers4007d ago

The keypad is how I type numbers. I dont use the ones on top. But whatever. I could get used to it.

Tempist4007d ago

actually a lot of 16+ inch laptops have a number pad put into them as to be on par with a desktop.

Maybe apple is being subtle in telling everyone they don't need fast access to number or page movement controls.

Then again, it's not like they've made a good calculator program for OSX...

yamamoto1144007d ago

Real reason: "numberpads are nerdy."

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No FanS Land4007d ago

Well, they blatantly copied the macbookpro's design. even the 17" laptop doesn't have the number pad. (I have the 15.4" model) Wht's cool however, it's aluminium finish.

I think they removed it because it is more productive to type numbers when they are just above letters, imstead of being completely aside.

fireflash384007d ago

It sounds to me that Apple has a plan similar to Obama's election campaign: "CHANGE (even if it's pointlesss)"

@Nofansland: if you ever have to work your way through a spreadsheet or entering large amounts of data, you will love a numberpad.

No FanS Land4007d ago

I get your point but people who use both letter and numbers will find the above numbers useful for quick acces. But don't worry, I don't approve the removal of the numerical pad when you're all on numbers.

NateNater4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Haha! Who needs two sets of numbers anyway.

wibble4007d ago


wibble4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Apple keyboards aren't intended for office monkeys.

When I worked in a office I would always use the keypad, but at home I rarely use it. Apple's keyboards are for home use.

Besides, I think Apple keyboards would be dangerous in the office. I wouldn't want hitting around the back of the head with a metal keyboard.

No FanS Land4007d ago

it's not the keyboard's fault. It's that guy who hits you that is completely insane!

wibble4007d ago

well I was eating his girlfriend's liver at the time.

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