Appletell: The new Mac Pro: first look

While the outside has stayed relatively the same, the inside received some major changes. First, it's been redesigned to make everything more accessible and upgradable. You can put 32GB of RAM, 4TB of storage and four PCI Express 2.0 espansion cards in here. That's crazy!

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kharma454002d ago

Crazy spec, even crazier price probably.

Gondee4002d ago

i dont think theres enough USB ports.

The only sad thing is, its gots OSX, which means you cant, unless you do 3d rendering or somthing, get any use of that hardware. shame the people at the apple stor convince people this is what they need to look at there pictures

DJ4002d ago

Seriously, what's wrong with them?

skyfire22614002d ago

Not sure what you would need HDMI for in a system like this unless your planning some ultimate HTPC?

And there is even less need for blu-ray. Optical media is outdated. Flash and digital downloads is where Apple is going (mostly DD).

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