Appletell reviews Days of Thunder for iPhone, iPod touch

Appletell writes: "The iPhone has quickly positioned itself a decent casual gaming device, but that hasn't stopped some developers of trying to turn the iPhone into a hard core gaming machine. The latest of these is Freeverse, which is somewhat surprising considering people never really turned to Freeverse for hardcore games on the Mac. They developed many fantastic titles and published many more, but having turned their attention almost solely to the iPhone, it seems they've also turned to a different approach to games.

For instance, racing. Did Freeverse even release a Macintosh racing game? I don't think so. But for the iPhone, they've brought us Wingnuts Moto Chaser, SlotZ Racer and now Days of Thunder. It's the latter of these, however, that is the first to truly go full throttle action."

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