Top 5 Games For 2009/2010

PSX Extreme writes: "Perhaps these trying economic times have caused you to become more frugal; maybe you're being more selective in your video game purchases. If that's the case, and you're planning ahead, simply put these five titles on your "must-buy" list and you'll be assured of playing the best of the best."

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Deviant3998d ago

"5. Gears of War 3"
I hope its enough time to innovate it

Karum3998d ago

Man I can't wait for GoW3. With the release date due to be given at E3 the hype train will really get moving and it'll be inescapable but you know what, I'm fine with that. God of War 3 will be the one game whose hype shouldn't be questioned.

bewrong6663998d ago

gears 3? is it under development already?