Are Used Game Sales Hurting the Industry?

Article makes good case that Used Games Trade-In programs are cutting into the profits of both the game developers and traditional retail outlets. Buying used games doesn't support the work of the original creative team and undercuts the sale of new copies at normal retail shops. This hurts the industry because the publisher and brick and mortar shops have to deal with unsold retail copies, a hefty investment that failed for both parties. Also, Amazon's entry into the used games market might be too hard of a blow for smaller retailers to recover from.

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clinker4004d ago

I don't think used game sales are the problem. The problem is that publishers are either too greedy or not creative enough to find ways to sell their games directly to consumers.

lonix4004d ago

it also hurts the poor kids who are dumb enough to sell their games to eb games

Rip-Ridah4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I think that a good strategy for publishers like Sony would be to have their own used stores for special incentives. If you can't beat em, beat em at their own game. I do all that I can NOT to buy/support used game sales and purchases. I support all of my favorite developers and publishers in the hobby that I have enjoyed most of my life by buying my favorite titles new. Saving $5-$10 is only hurting the industry in the long run imho.


OGharryjoysticks4004d ago

The majority of games that get sold back while anybody would consider buying them are shi++y games. Good games people hang onto longer and by the time they sell those back who cares.