PALGN: Noby Noby Boy Review

PALGN writes: "There really isn't anything else like Noby Noby Boy. No doubt, there will be players who load up the game and delete it off their hard-drives within minutes. The game is definitely not for everybody. But as much as the weird (or just poorly thought-out) controls and camera can get in the way of the experience, they never ruin it. Even if you think you've discovered everything to do in the game, you'll still find yourself playing it to wind down, or maybe to try out a new idea you just had. We know we just had the idea of trying to eat something as it launches from out of our butt (we haven't been able to get that working just yet). The community aspects of the game neither help nor hinder it, although they do make the game unique in many ways. But the real draw of Noby Noby Boy is that it's a game that isn't a game. You can't actually lose in the game. Likewise, there's no way to win. Like life, you just find yourself doing whatever seems to entertain you the most, and usually it involves toilet humour. And we can't fault it for that".

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