Eurogamer: Resident Evil Retrospective

Released in 1996, the original Resident Evil not only shifted PlayStations, but cemented the survival horror genre in gaming history. The game's original intro FMV uses real-life actors and features a scene where STARS Alpha member Joseph Frost is graphically ripped apart by Cerberus. Capcom had the intro toned down for the game's western release, warranting a 15 classification by the BBFC, although the PC port by Westwood a year later retained the intro with an 18 certificate. Either sets the tone.

Unlike earlier examples of survival horror games, including Alone in the Dark and Capcom's own Sweet Home RPG, Resident Evil shuns supernatural shenanigans for the vaguely more plausible T-virus outbreak. No matter how terrifying the infected become, spawning extra claws and superfluous eyes, you can guarantee gratifying damage by ramming a grenade down a Tyrant's throat. This is a game about gore, guns and bullets, without a Ghost Buster proton pack or a Project Zero camera in sight - although the later Spark Shot and Linear Launcher additions raise a few eyebrows.

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