Pixel Verdict - Review: Ninja Blade

Steve Power at Pixel Verdict writes:

"From Software, purveyors of mecha-driven xbox360 gems like Chrome-Hounds and Armored Core 4, bring 360 fans an action experience that plays out like the twisted offspring of Ninja Gaiden and God of War. Heavy on cinematic action, big swords, huge bosses, crazy magic, and leather-clad uber-Ninjas, Ninja Blade has all the ingredients for a good time. But is this a tasty dish? Or is Ninja Blade better left to the Ninja dogs."

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II Necroplasm II4003d ago

Good review but low score. But who cares about scores?


DelbertGrady4003d ago

I don't =)

I've tried the full game and in my opinion (judging from the first 3 levels) it's an 8.5/10. Might not be for everyone but I'll be gettin it.

Panthers4002d ago

3/5 is not the same as 6/10. I see it more as a 7. I know it is the same ratio but still. 5 point scale has to be viewed differently.

But fanboys dont care. They just care how metacritic sees it.

The Peoples ARMPIT4003d ago

Mediocre score for a mediocre game. The demo was beyond pathetic. And you bots called MGS4 a movie that players control lol. Goes to show you retarded American bots by whatever turd you can find. No wonder the 360 is more popular in America lol. Delusional turds.

Snatcher4003d ago

Well. It was supposed to be a cinematic experience. Kojima makes those kind of games. All MGS games have many cutscenes and codec talks. Snatcher is my favorite game ever, from Kojima.

Montreafart4003d ago

Or is the 360 heading the way of the obsolete?

Ninja Blade, the last hope.

Arnon4002d ago

I really could care less what you think of 360 owners.. but when you actually insult a certain group of people (Americans) by saying they're retarded and delusional.. then yeah, I think I'll report it.

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AllroundGamer4003d ago

i finished the game and i would say it would be way better if they made only a anime movie from this (cutscenes are superb), because the game is mediocre at best...

Karum4003d ago

That wasn't a bad review at all and I still plan on buying this game.

Gun_Senshi4003d ago

you cannot even call this a game, its just an interactive movie with bad story plot, action that you take event in with QTE which are badly put in the game, but again its not a game, its a turd of its own level.

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The story is too old to be commented.