Pixel Verdict - Review: Killzone 2

Steve Power of Pixel Verdict writes:

"The original Killzone arrived on Sony's Playstation 2 console in late-2004, a mere week before Microsoft's 800-pound gorilla, Halo 2, made its record-setting presence felt. Pre-release cries of "Halo-Killer" vanished amidst middling reviews and Halo 2 fever. Killzone was a solid, though perhaps a tad overzealous effort, but when people expect a revolution, solid just isn't good enough. After close on five years of waiting, controversy over pre-rendered trailers, intense scrutiny from the community, and ridicule from both the press and the players, Sony, via their first party studio, Guerilla, has finally delivered Killzone 2, but does it in turn deliver the goods?"

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