Starting out in Vana'diel: Character creation & taking your first steps

As Massively has said multiple times, Final Fantasy XI is a hard game. The crafting is complex, the gameplay is somewhere between EverQuest and World of Warcraft, and dying can be painful when you lose experience. Some people may tell you that the game just isn't that fun, but the game can be really rewarding and a great experience when you really get into it. It's just getting into it that's the trouble.

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Myst4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Nice of a site to do this for those who may have had a hard time at the beginning, yet they should have progressed it a bit further at least to help people get to 20. That seems to be the main problem for the new ones who are playing as of right now. Overall thought the best thing to do is gather most of your friends on one server then play :).

Also some of the comments on the site [the one from the article] are pretty all around helpful, for the most part be sure to join a Linkshell and try to ask for help whenever needed. Most people within' a linkshell will help if they can/ have the time to :).

One more thing for those who are just starting out, it may be best to get all the starting jobs to level 10 or at least 9 (Though better 10) to figure out which job you may want to take to 30. (Getting to 30 you get the advanced jobs, but quite a few are almost impossible to get at 30 unless you have help). Another reason to do this is that to get to 30, you'll more than likely need a subjob to. Getting all starting jobs to 10 is a perfect way of getting close to that, so you'll know which starting job to take as a subjob, and have a feel for how it should be played.

One last thing is the amount of money you can rake in by doing this, For any starting job do not buy any armor, but do at least get a stronger weapon if the level permits, as well as spells for your character. It is best to go in this sequence Warrior-->Monk-->Thief-- >Red Mage-->White Mage/Black mage (doesn't matter for this one). I say this because you get a wide array of crystals at the beginning as well as other items, of which you may use to increase fame or gil. I always go for gil and by the time I had at least 3 jobs to level 10 I had at least 15k (out of 20k I had spent 5 k on improving my weapons and armor for the job I was going to take to the dunes) then started working on fame.

Just a helpful tip :)