Accelerated Gaming 3-7-09: New Killzone 2 Patch Hurts Realism

-Killzone 2 Patch Hurts Realism
-Killzone 2 DLC Wants

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PoSTedUP4007d ago

KZ2 isnt the same anymore, they took out the complete feel (the sway) of the gun! like wth man... now it feels like a souped up cod4 rather then its own distinct game... now the gun is all stiff arcady just like all those other games man i though this game would be special and it was till the new patch.

just my insights...

krouse934007d ago

The game feels the same to me don't make up stuff or lie please.

PoSTedUP4007d ago

its not the same man, they stiffened up the gun and made it more responsive. my opinion and experience can be a lie btw, saying it feels the same to you is more of a lie(even when it is your opinion) because they DID IN FACT change it up and make it different. please dont lie and make stuff up lol. : P

Bigrhyno4007d ago

It doesn't feel much different to me. And it certainly doesn't feel like CoD 4.

specialguest4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

To me, it's not that much different, especially the single player part. I also played the multiplayer games and it doesn't quite feel like COD4.

Maybe you do notice the significant difference, so I'm not arguing against you.

PoSTedUP4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

it doesn't feel like cod4 exactly but the patch did go in that direction of making it more responsive and stiffer whereas it was more laggy the way you turned and moved your gun. the running is the same. look... do me a favor and spin around for 5 seconds( in the game) and when you stop watch your gun just 'skip' back into position almost like a glitch instead of moving smoothly back into position (the swaying motion) and you will understand what they did to fix the problems because they DID fix the issues.

edit: its not THAT much different but it IS different and i personally liked it better the way it was b4 idk thats just me. i do feel a difference in the weight though and it did take some realism out of it, the gun doesn't move as much when you turn as it did b4 mostly and thats what gave it alot of the realistic "feel".

Unicron4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I agree with Posted. I LOVE the new controls. They are an improvement with the tightened up deadzone. I applaud Guerilla for quick action and listening to fans.

HOWEVER, now that relearning curve that made KZ2 unique, whether you personally liked it or not, is gone. Smart, slow play is gone for the most part. Now it plays like other shooters, in how people react to it online. The pace of the game has really picked up, and people run and gun a lot more now instead of playing in a "tactful" manner.

I still love the game, but I'm amazed how such a TINY change can alter the entire MP mode simply by player's reactions.

PoSTedUP4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

unicore, yea i agree it does alter the learning curve if we gamers got use to the previous controls. i personally like more realistic handling games and KZ2 tops my gaming experience off, but the latest patch did take SOME of the realistic feel to it out. its not that much of a big deal but i think my thoughts should be heard, at least make it where we have a choice where we can switch the controls because they did make it a lil more "generic" <--- thats the word im looking for. they made it more generic instead of keeping its "unique" feel to it ya know. its still a lil unique though : )

@ unicorn below- its not the controls like you said, imo its the "feel" and mobility of the controls. like they made it faster then b4 so more people are running and gunning, if they switched it back to the "old" controls, i feel that it would be harder to run and gun.

*if thats^ what you were saying im sori for repeating it i might of misunderstood u* : ) yea still a great game and like the podcast said: you cant please them all!

Megaton4007d ago

I haven't even noticed the difference.

Unicron4007d ago

See Posted, in my opinion again, the issue isn't the controls themselves, but how they have changed the pace of the game. Even if I were to get the "old" controls, it wouldn't stop all the gamers who are running and gunning more online because of the ease of use and lack of "learning curve."

Controls SHOULD be easy to use. But because of this new ease, again, I feel the gameplay in MP has suffered a bit from what I was experiencing last week.

Still, great game. :-)

HateFanboys4007d ago

And they still feel fine now. Honestly, i can hardly even tell a difference. The thing i "think" i notice as different is how its a little bit more responsive in the dead zone area. And it might be a little faster, but i wonder if im just making myself believe that.

To all the haters of the controls, y'all just suck, plain, pure and simple. I play almost all my games at default, i just get used to what it has and how it plays.

RumbleFish4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Oh, at last I can enjoy the game. Love it so much now! They just changed the controls a tiny bit, but that was exactly what the game needed. Now it feels right to me. Sorry for those who don't like it anymore, but everyone who says, the game feels and plays like CoD now has obviously not played CoD for a very long time!

Oh and btw: the sluggishnes before had nothing to do with realism. If you ever used a gun in real life, you would know what i'm talking about!

interrergator4007d ago

they didnt change anything just a little faster but wow

TreborRversed4007d ago

I agree to a point,

but i feel its still the same wighty feel, it just more responsive

And lets be fair, if the controls were putting off people to the extent that a large majority would not play it then thats not good for business.

I liked it before, but i can also see why they changed it.

xwabbit4006d ago

I swear i didn't see any change on the controllers Lol. Been playing it 2 much :/, i became what i didn't want to become... a kz 2 whore :(

Pixel_Addict4006d ago

Look, turning soooo slow that you actually age 10 yrs before you can turn 180 degrees is not real. When the 'weighty' feel is the same for a machine gun as it is for a knife, something isn't working.

GG claims it is all in the name of realism? Then why can't I move a handgun with ease, yet I can run lighting fast for so long? I thought the character is wearing 100 pounds of armor? Yeah, it is just inconsistant. You want to bring tactical 'feeling' to KZ2, then add the cover system.

I think the slight adjustment is a welcome change.

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SiLeNt KNighT4007d ago

New Accelerated Gaming Podcast Hurts Gaming - with stupid comments.

PoSTedUP4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

no this podcast is just right. its only 15mins long about and they do it almost on a daily basis to bring you guys the news(if their is any) everyday. other podcast only are once a week and are like 1-2 hours long, i hate listening to long podcasts... these guys have us covered for the people who have lives and not that much time to listen to hour long podcasts.

they even give out 20$ psn cards in a contest every month. : )

@ SLINGER #3 below- yea man everyone likes their games differently, to each their own. your opinion matters and im glad you are enjoying the game bro. i am just having some beefs with it at the moment but its nothing i cant get use to, its just that i liked it better the first time, hopefully GG can bring out a future update where we have a choice because now they have to go with the majority and the majority were having difficulties with the first controls, im glad most people are happy now though. : D

bubble up! ; )

@ AURASTRIKE #4 below- im with you on that brother! + bubbles : )

Slinger4204007d ago

I think it feels much better now. They changed the controls just enough to make it feel tight but still unique for the game. It feels MUCH better when using the M82 assault rifle, it's actually possible to aim when zoomed. This game is awesome and I love the developers for being so in touch with their fans. STOP COMPLAINING NOW AND ENJOY THE GAME!!!! For the record, I was used to the controls and wouldn't have cared if they didn't patch it but I'm glad they did as they feel that much better :)

Enate4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Exactly sling the ISA assault rifle would bounce so much prior to almost no one used it. An don't even get me started on how bad it jumped when you zoomed. All they did was honestly stabilize the aiming its much better now. Only a slight touch of magic an bam the aiming feels spot on. Now all we need is a freaking party system so that stupid auto select can stop separating me an my friends.

Asurastrike4007d ago

I really dislike the changes of the new patch. It was a lot more fun before.

Mukiwa4006d ago

Oh stop trying to be so elitist, the changes are incredibly subtle at most. Implying that it's an entirely different game post patch is just incomprehendable.

zoneofenders4007d ago

well we got to admit being noob-friendly is the key to success in FPS.......
even though i prefer the old control.