Aeropause Retrospective: The Xbox Franchise - Part 2

Aeropause writes:"As we've crested the 7th birthday of the Xbox, and the 3rd birthday of the Xbox 360, it's time for a retrospective on how Microsoft has changed the face of gaming and what will be some of the fallout for the Next Next Generation. Readily burned into our minds are the obvious things like the Red Ring Of Death, and Xbox Live, but that's only scratching the surface. Let's pull back the outer layer and take a look at all of the little things that has helped advance the pastime of video gaming."

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Droid Control3998d ago

PS2 was bigger than the PS1.
Xbox was bigger than PS2.
PS3 is bigger than Xbox.

Do you see where i'm going here?

Each console of each generation is getting bigger and bigger...
Xbox 360 should have been the sixe of the PS3 with a front grill/air intake rather than make the air do a right angle inside the innards...

you need to bring the air in the front and keep it going stright.
and you need a larger case for airflow...

mark my words, PS4 and Xbox 360 will be bigger still than the PS3...