Neocrisis: Resident Evil 5's Alternate Costumes *Preview*

Neocrisis writes: Bonus outfits in the Resident Evil series and other Capcom games are nothing new, but always a very welcome addition. The last RE iteration, Resident Evil 4, had Ashley donning a sexy, retro disco outfit and Resident 5 looks to continue the tradition.

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jazzking20013999d ago

Chris you SOB. you are not even looking at me. I spent so much time dressing to look this good for you and you are not even paying any attention to me. *SMACK*

ThanatosDMC3999d ago

She better not be bald under that wig... that's the only spot a chick needs to have hair!

Reibooi3999d ago

Hey If I was standing next to someone who looked that retarded I would do everything in my power to look at the zombies instead.

andron3999d ago

She is only missing the afro, and she would look like Beyonce as Foxxy Cleopatra in Goldmember LOL...

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The story is too old to be commented.