The Unsung Heroes: Writers

Whilst the coders work behind the screens of their many machines, the graphic artists toil in the mines of ink and digital workstations, the producers put together packages to show at meetings, there is one unsung hero in all of this that is hardly mentioned in a review or given the credit that they are seriously due. Games aren't just all about flashy graphics and in-your face action, those are bonuses to many people who want something more than instant gratification.

The writer, it can be said that the story begins with a single word that comes from an idea and that idea can spiral forth into a wellspring of creativity. The creative game has been the purview of a silent hero in all of this. Yet as the game industry continues to evolve, a slow moving behemoth that is now looking at the latest big Hollywood IP's to draw under its collective blanket; the writer continues to work with very little credit and certainly no real spotlight of their own.

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