Fight Night Round 4 Cover Unveiled

The cover displays both Ali and Tyson in accordance to how the fans voted for several months on the official Fight Night site.

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xaviertooth4003d ago

manny pacquiao should be on that cover, damn it EA!

SynGamer4003d ago

Ali, yes. Still, i'm looking forward to this game considering FNR3 was great.

slak4003d ago

yeah I know right i cant wait for this game

JIN KAZAMA4003d ago ShowReplies(1)
DarkSniper4003d ago

Dark Sniper is one of the best to ever lace up the virtual gloves. Going one on one with Dark Sniper will ensure you the most hell that two fists can bring. There are several victims on N4G that can attest to this. Until Fight Night Round 4 releases, Dark Sniper will continue to maul anyone who steps in his past in Fight Night Round 3.

Fight Dark Sniper if you dare. Your defeat will be imminent.


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