Future PSPerspective writes:

"The PSP2/PSP-4000 rumors are not going away. It seems like almost daily there is another source spilling more information about the now mythical device. Apparently a sliding screen and the removal of a UMD drive is the ticket to great publicity. This leaves some unanswered questions. What about the current PSP sales? Will this be enough to bring 3rd party developers and publishers back to the console? Finally, what does this mean for all of us that already own a PSP?"

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DevilVergilX4001d ago

2 analog sticks, trophy support, ps2-ish graphics, and more psp or psp2 games. Anything after that would be icing on the cake. If they were to do that I would support the psp2 or psp4000 100%(as in not flashing it or hacking it).

danthegardner4001d ago

the games on the new psp if it is a hardware reboot and not just cosmetic change, to not have jaggies. I hate the jaggies that are everywhere. The games could be ps2 level if they weren't so jagged. I want more anti-aliasing.

Sev4001d ago

Ooooh, there is something I want to talk about sooooo badly. But cannot.
Lets just say one of your wishes will be granted. I wouldn't even dare hint at which one though.

SiLeNt KNighT4001d ago

"ps2-ish graphics" and "no jaggies" are kind of one in the same. ill go with dual analog. i think trophies will come fersher but dual analog is definitely the biggest complaint and i KNow sony will address it. if they are willing to get rid of umd then dual analog is the only next logical step.

InfectedDK4000d ago

Im sure there will be trophies.
Really looking forward to it!

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SynGamer4001d ago

No PSP2 until 2010/11 please. The PS3 still needs A LOT of marketing and money from Sony, something they don't really have right now. So i can only imagine introducing a new PSP2 this year would financially break Sony if they did it. And with all the recent PSP games announced, why overshadow those with a new PSP model?

Allowen4000d ago

The replacement of UMD should be a combination of downloaded games + retail games inside a protected memorystick pro duo of 2g-4g size.

it is not exactelly a downgrade to go from a CD format to a memory card since the card can be read faster and it is now cheaper and consumes less battery power of a portable device.