What I'm playing this weekend: Killzone 2

Yahoo Tech: "Four years after its first trailer hit the Web, this long-awaited PlayStation 3 exclusive has finally blasted its way into stores-and as promised, Killzone 2 looks incredible. Too bad the gameplay feels so stale.

My rental copy of Killzone 2 (which the public first glimpsed during the 2005 edition of E3) arrived in the mail (via GameFly) on Monday, and since then, I've been spending many hours prowling-or rather, lumbering-my way around the battle-torn landscapes and tattered real estate of the planet Helghan."

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Rick AstIey3999d ago

What Xbox fanboys aren't playing this weekend: Killzone 2

Abash3999d ago

I love Killzone 2. I spent 5 hours straight on the online today

NateNater3999d ago

What Xbox fanboys regret not playing this weekend: Killzone 2

NateNater3999d ago

What Everyone Else Who Owns A PS3 Is Doing This Weekend and the next, and the next, and so on and so forth: Killzone 2

rbluetank3998d ago

i hope they add in some new DLC for rankings and bonus trophies... vg job GG on K2!!!