The 10 Lamest Street Fighter Characters Ever Conceived

Gameist: "Want to create a Street Fighter character? Don't worry it's easy! Take the first offensive ethnic stereotype that comes to mind then draw a cartoon representation of that stereotype with funny looking hair. Congratulations, you're done! For bonus points give the character the ability to throw some sort fireball, or in the case of female characters, thighs beefy enough to crush a beer keg.

Despite having this simple winning formula in place there are plenty of Street Fighter characters deserving of a swift Shoryu-ken into the scrap heap. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Capcom has (in a feat that continues to baffle top mathematicians and theoretical physicists) published more than 25 separate Street Fighter games between the release of the original Street Fighter II and the upcoming Street Fighter IV . What happens when you have to fill out character rosters for 25+ fighting games? "

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windmill1454006d ago

I disagree with Birdie, Vulcano Rosso, and Yun being on the list, and how could they forget Sakura, she looks like a boy in a school girl outfit.

torreyjs4006d ago

this isnt a flame war thriving story

you will fail since you arent bashing a ps3 or 360

phantomshadow4006d ago

Enough with top 10 lists. Is this all that the blogging community from the internet has to offer now a days? If it's not top 10 lists, it's something about how the PS3 is doomed, or some other boring crap which hardly earns it's keep. Do us all a favor and learn how to write something other than a top ten list.

Unicron4006d ago

Versus articles, comparisons, sales data, and top 10 lists really seem to be all they have, even many "pro" sites. It's unfortunate. Why? They do this because many people just wont' read. Hell, how many people read reviews? They want the number to use in their fanboy wars, that is all. Personally, I love the post mortems that 1up would do on a title, or their roundtable discussions on games.

The media is just playing to the lowest common denominator, and that's a scary thought.

ParanoidMonkey4006d ago

Necro and Yun are awesome, what the hell? I agree with Gill though. Regenerating bosses are lame.

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The story is too old to be commented.