Windows 7 Build 7048 100 Screenshots Gallery

Microsoft is making consistent progress with Windows 7's evolution from the Beta to Release Candidate. And make no mistake about it, all Windows 7 development milestones superseding Build 7000 (Beta) are from the RC-branch. The latest release from Redmond to make it into the wild is Windows 7 Build 7048, sporting an array of modifications specific to the first and only Release Candidate of the operating system. Of course, having shipped a feature-complete Beta, the focus with the development of RC is on softening all the rough edges of the platform and integrating tester feedback. And there is quite a lot of feedback to handle, according to data made public by Microsoft.

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steve30x4006d ago

Im running Windows 7 build 7048 on my laptop here and theres very little difference between build 7000 and 7048 visualy. Speed wise build 7048 is a small bit snappier than build 7000. My laptop specs are.

Acer Aspire 6920G
Core2Duo 2.oGHZ
3 Gig DDR2 667mhz
ATI 3650 512mb

Windows 7 is a whole lot faster on this laptop than Vista was. Vista was very slow and sluggish.

ChickeyCantor4006d ago

I thought i was looking at a linux distro for a sec.
Anyway how much ram does windows 7 alone sucks up?

steve30x4004d ago

Windows 7 uses less than 1gig of ram towards windows vista was using between 1.5gig - 2gig of ram.

CryofSilence4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I hope this OS is a worthy successor to XP. (I don't count vista; I'm running on a modified XP right now)

From what I've seen so far, a lot of the features, etc. are ripped straight from OS X, albeit under a new skin to try to make it a less obvious copy. But, OS X is currently the best OS out there, so no complaints here. It just needs to run well.

badkolo4006d ago

This is the same crap we dealt with before, millenium came after 98 and it sucked just like vista and then they released xp, so now windows 7 is better then vista, same crap all over again, windows 7 is nothing more then a fixed up vista, it runs on the same ting that vista does, they said windows 7 is simply a tweaked vista. The nasty part is even after all the issues people have with vista they will release windows 7 which is nothing more then a improved vista and charge us 200 to 300 bucks to get windows 7.

ChickeyCantor4006d ago

exactly this should have been a patch....a big patch but a patch.

Vip3r4006d ago

I want windows 7 so bad.

militant074006d ago

how do i get build 7048?? mine is 7000

steve30x4004d ago

Search in google for it. I have an oficial key for windows 7.