4 Villians You Completely Misjudged

Gameist: "As the hero you've got to have it in for the baddie. For one, they're bad, and two there wouldn't be much of a conflict if you had a deep understanding of one another. "Oh, I see you're poisoning the city's drinking water because you're father missed your softball games. Go on then, get your misguided revenge."

But sometimes we do misjudge our enemies. Are they always so terrible, or could it be they're just as noble as ourselves? Our resident bagguyologists have spent weeks of researching (i.e. wearing labcoats) to bring to light four villians you've totally misjudged. You should probably get them a greeting card to make amends."

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Miraak82 4001d ago

Fail!! where's Revolver Ocelot