7 Most Inappropriately Sexy Characters in Video Games Geared to Kids

Gameist: "Puberty is a bitch. Your voice squeaks. You're always hungry. And since your understanding of sex is to simply insert and remove repeatedly, you're perfectly content with having sex with a fruit pie. If that wasn't enough, during my adolescence, video games matured past nondescript red blocks to accurately flaunt hot-body pixel mistresses, meaning that I had to suddenly master the art of simultaneously stomping a goomba while rearranging my legs so my mother wouldn't notice my erection.

I had issues growing up. According to the last line, I found myself turned on by Mario."

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Chris3994007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Well, her boobs really, as there wasn't much of a character beyond her breasts.

Even for M rated games, she's out of control. The fact that she was dressed like a high-class dominatrix from Amsterdam didn't help either.

For kids' games... probably Wario; seems like a perv. Princess Peach pushes the envelope a bit too, and seems to be getting more busty and collagened with each year.

phosphor1124006d ago

Cuz you know, she isn't fully clothed

Kami4007d ago

and her breasts are out of control too(spacially in sc4)

phosphor1124006d ago

When I was,
A young boy,
My father, took me to buy a Dreamcast,
To play Soul Calibur 2..

I became a man that day

ThanatosDMC4007d ago

Great intro paragraph... got my attention enough that i clicked the link. I went through the exact same thing minus the mario hard-on.

Synthetic474005d ago

I loled so I to must excrete bubbles in the direction of cwir!

cwir4006d ago

Top 3rd article (800 degrees as I'm typing) of the day and it has 6 comments....

Top 5 how to get most hits on N4G:
1. "PS3 is doomed" and all the variations of it
2. Bash Killzone 2
3. Put a word "sex" in the title and/or put photo of a busty chick/character next to it
4. Xbox still rrods and how M$ doesn't do anyting about it (or some sort of "experiences of an unhappy customer")
5. Compare PS3 vs Xbox screengrabs of a multiplatform title (even though they look all the same except for a slight color difference which could be done in photoshop in 3 seconds)

of course this is my opinion :)

christian hour4006d ago

And I agree with your opinion! SO much it makes me excrete bubbles in your general direction.

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