Mininova Hit By Massive DDoS Attack

Mininova, one of the leading BitTorrent sites, has been suffering from a massive DDoS attack over the past few days. Originating from a botnet spanning three continents, the attacks vary in strength and are causing the site to be completely inaccessible at times. The Mininova team is working on a solution.

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Blasphemy4002d ago

I had a dos type virus on my computer... Luckily I was able to get rid of it.

y0haN4002d ago

Not DOS, DDoS. DOS = Disk Operating System. DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service attack.

Depressed Mode4002d ago


DOS = Disk Operating System
DoS = Denial of Service
DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service

The IT industry has too many acronyms heh. So it is not too hard to believe that someone could get hit by the simplest DoS attack, since just about anyone can do a DoS attack. DoS attacks are pretty weak whereas DDoS can be lots of fun.


y0haN4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

What do you mean "actually". "Actually" implies you were correcting me when all you did was write what I did.

Depressed Mode4001d ago

Well you implied that he did not have a DoS attack because "dos" stands for Disk Operating System. However, "dos" has multiple meanings, and he most likely was a victim of a regular denial of service attack and not a distributed denial of service attack.

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Timesplitter144002d ago

Anyone knows if /v/ has something to do with this?

(if you don't know what /v/ is, TOO BAD!)

thereapersson4002d ago

and that sort of attitude is why you have 5 disagrees

Jellzy4002d ago

Ahaa, Cyber Warfare...ish...?!

Ahh well hopefully they get it sorted as mininova, and the Pirate Bay are the only torrent sites i use wen i cant get my hands on something through newsgroups.

evrfighter4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Same mininova and the pirate bay are the sites I often visit when I'm dl'ing my anime and dexter episodes or the random cracked application I need.

Lately because the two have been pretty slow I've had to start using demonoid again.

Hallucinate4002d ago best god damn site on the internet
its like google but it only shows torrents

REALgamer4002d ago

Seems to search faster and has good number of trackers in its torrents.

It's a shame that groups like MediaDefender do this stuff - torrents don't only carry pirated stuff. That's like saying all video files on the internet are pirated movies.

It's simply a great new way to transfer files without needing monster dedicated servers, and as with ANY method of passing data between 2 people it does have the possibility of being used for pirated materials but that's unavoidable.

Chewytime4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

wow no d/ls for me

Kakkoii4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I don't even use torrents anymore.


1. Torrenting a lot leads to you being constantly pinged by users on the tracker. Degrading your network performance. I couldn't play many online games for sh!t because of it. And this is with no torrents running. It takes a few days for your IP to be clear of most tracks you've connected to.

2. Speeds vary greatly depending on seeds and leechs. Sometimes it can go pretty fast, but for the most part when your getting a new release it's slow as hell. Although I did have a very good private torrent site account, that leads me to reason 3.

3. Having to upload just as much as you download to keep a good ratio on a private tracker, for the privilege of getting releases a bit earlier and at very fast speeds. This eats away at monthly bandwidth. I was going around 60gb over my 100gb monthly limit. (Thankfully Shaw doesn't cap or throttle users.)

Now I use a program that allows you to paste a list of Rapidshare links, and it will automatically start downloading them 1 by 1 for you. No need for a premium account. And I can usually download things faster that way than I would with torrents. I mainly users to watch for new releases, and in the comments of blog posts there, people usually post fast megaupload links quickly, and rapidshare links. And for looking to stuff also.

y0haN4002d ago

1. Get a new IP. Most ISPs will assign you a new one when you reboot your modem/router.

2. Get a good site, a private one. They often have "karma" systems which encourage people to seed their torrents for longer and reward them for doing so.

3. Yes this is a downer but my upload speed isn't crap, but as I said above it's also a positive.

So just take note of these and don't use the program/close your ports when you are not sharing!

Kakkoii4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

The new way I do it is a lot easier than using torrents. And no need to do any kind of uploading. So that alone is enough to not want to use torrents anymore lol.

And what, you want me to restart my modem every damn time I torrent? Plus I don't have that kind of internet service, my IP doesn't change with a modem reset. It just changes every few weeks.

My upload speed is only 1mbps. Like most peoples internet service. So when I download lets say a blue-ray movie.. That takes a f*ck load of time to upload back again on the private tracker. Or a hell of a long time to download on the public tracker.

I used to be a huge fan of torrents to, but I've seen the light so to speak.. lol

y0haN4002d ago

Fair enough, we all have preferences given our own circumstances.